Something i've been pondering for a while..

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  1. They say the average women is a size 12-14(or somewhere around there) so how come whenever i go to a store, they NEVER have size small? They always seem to be out, yet there are a million large sizes. I don't get it. If most women aren't a size small then how come there are never any small sizes but always so many large sizes? lol i know it's kind of a strange question but it's something that's been bothering me for ages!
  2. Good question! I rarely find smaller sizes on the rack. I wonder if they just don't stock as many of the smaller sizes?
  3. Ha! I find small all the time. Considering I am a 16ish it is a pain. :P You must live in the wrong region or something. Smalls abound where I live. On sale or not.

    When I head to H&M, L is impossible to find. There is a rack full of XS, S. (And I live in the land of small Asian women the Bay Area.)
  4. This is interesting because I feel like if a shirt runs small I can't find it in a larger size and if a shirt runs large I can't find it in a smaller size. :shrugs::shrugs:
  5. I rarely ever see the larger sizes left over where I shop... all that's left is XXS. XS and S, sometimes a few medium. I think it does depend on the average size of the people who live in the area...
  6. I think they carry less of the smaller sizes sometime. I know that the sizes on certain lines at Zara actually start at medium (I find this out after I've spent half an hour snuffling through the piles of clothing for a small, like a pig looking for truffles!)
  7. something to consider is that maybe the "average woman" is 18 and over, and teenagers are likely to be thinner and smaller, but are still shopping the same sections as adult women
  8. I would bet that it's because larger sizes are more common and therefore they stock more larger sizes and less smaller sizes. That results in the smaller sizes selling out more quickly because there were not as many to begin with.

  9. This is correct. When I worked at Macy's, for example, we'd get MAYBE 1 XS (possibly none), 2 S, 4-6 M, 7-10 L and and 7-10 XL when I was a specialist. I was constantly requesting smaller sizes, since customers were, but they NEVER listened.
  10. true, i didn't even think of that
  11. that's a good point, i DO shop at stores geared towards younger people (forever21, h&m, etc)
  12. When I worked in retail we would get one or two of the largest and smallest sizes and three or four of the midrange sizes. (We still usually ended up with mostly very large and very small on clearance.)
  13. I have always found myself wishing I was a bigger size, just so I can look through the sale and clearance items and find my size. This is especially true with online shopping, they never carry enough small sizes.

    I also think that the majority of women are NOT a size 12-14. It seems a size 6-8 was more likely.
  14. I find in higher fashion boutiques (e.g. isabel marant) it's harder to find smalls :sad:
  15. Really? I live in Vancouver and size XS/S is ALWAYS picked over at stores like Aritiza, H&M, and Zara that only get a limited number of each item. I barely go in to Zara and H&M anymore because I can't get there on the day they release new I never manage to find my size.

    In Vancouver anyways, it's still usually the large sizes left over, at least for stores geared towards younger people. But my mother, who shops at women's stores, usually has less problem finding her size. Especially because she's fairly petite and women's sizes tend to be even larger. When I go shopping with her though, it's usually the very smallest and very largest sizes left-it's all the middle or "average" sizes leftover.