Something is wrong with me ...

  1. There is nothing in the S/S collection that has that WOW factor ... IMO of course .... maybe it is the pictures ... maybe when I see them in person I will change my mind but I have seen most of the shoes already at a trunk show in Hong Kong ... the bags though ... they are not doing anything for me....I thought there was going to be some version of the baby cabas??? Or is that coming later?? Is there another collection before the Fall stuff comes out???
  2. Nothing wows me either except for the Cotton Club tote.
  3. there are a couple of bags which i think are cute, but nothing i'm absolutely dying to have. i gotta have that crazed can't-think-about-anything-else feeling to buy and i haven't had that yet so far.
    there are some darn cute accessories though!
  4. I wish I had your problem, it would save me alot of money! If I don't find a bag then I usually find some jewelry or accessories.
  5. There is. I saw it in the Look Book. They are showing a dark blue denim baby Cabas.

    Nothing "wowing" you is fine. You'll have more money to spend next fall when something does "wow" you! :smile:
  6. That runway tote - the SA at neiman called it the rock & chain - is pretty awesome. I still haven't seen it in person.
  7. my guess is when we start seeing pics of people wearing the bags, and when chanel brings out their promo advertising, that some lemmings will definitely be created!
  8. i think chanel usually does a better job with the fall/winter and cruise line. their S/S tends to be not as good. The only bag i am really interested is a red caviar flap. but i am waiting to see the color IRL since if it's too dark i might not like it.
  9. Nothing is wrong with you. I don't like any of what I have seen so far.

    I see that as a good thing, esp after everything I've already purchased
  10. I'm just dying for the red caviar flap,too.
  11. I want the cotton club tote and the denim cabas
  12. They are having another version of the cabas. I remember the SA at NM told me that they will have the baby cabas in dark silver and a black leather cabas. She specifically stated that the black leather cabas is larger than the current baby cabas.
  13. Maybe you have a great collection now that you're happy with :smile:
  14. That's okay. Saves you some money for the ones you will Love later!
  15. Kind of like my friends that can pass on chocolate...
    Wish that would happen to me!