Something is up with Bluefly

  1. As you all know I am on a quest to get justice for all of us who purchased fake b-bags. Well they received my bag at corporate over two weeks ago. I have left three messages for Leslie; she has yet to call me back and my cc has yet to be refunded. What is really weird is that for the past two days, when I call their corporate office, the receptionist does not answer. It keeps saying that she is not at her desk and to leave a message. :blink: Kind of weird for corporate headquarters. Believe me, I will be persistent but has anyone had any luck with talking to anyone lately? Any other contact names anyone can give me would be great.

    I have spoken with Peter again (Leslie's Asst) last week and frankly he is just useless.
  2. You need your money back NOW!!!!!!!
    Call the BBB!!!! ASAP!!
  3. If you haven't already done so, you may want to dispute the charge with your credit card company just in case Bluefly doesn't come through with the refund. I believe there's a time limit on disputing a charge and you wouldn't want that to expire. We already know Bluefly has no ethics, so you should probably cover yourself.

    I hope you are able to get in touch with Leslie soon!
  4. time is of the essence as per winona and valerie , file a formal dispute with your cc, some cards will do on phone, others need it in writing.
  5. i have had to return to them twice for normal orders. the first time took ONE MONTH to get the charge back. the second, two weeks.

    bluefly sucks. i will never order from them again.
  6. I just got off the phone with the CC and was given instructions; I have to do it in writing and fax it in (which I will do today).

    What do you all think of the fact that no one is answering the phone at Bluefly?? I think that is just so odd and unprofessional.
  7. I wrote a formal letter to the CEO of the company two weeks ago. I even included my telephone number and I have not had a reply either. Either these people are in a panic or they just don't care.
  8. They take a long time with their returns, always have. I wouldn't worry. As for Leslie, I don't know. Did you send the bag to her attention?
  9. Have they resorted to screening calls?!? What a classless act they are!:mad:
  10. Right, I can verify that. They def take their time with refunds. BTW, I've cancelled my email subscription with them, and will not purchase from them again. I've been known to drop some coin their way, so maybe it will hurt them just a little! If we all do that, it may hurt them A LOT.
  11. yeppers, i concur with that statement...once it took me 1 month to get $500 back from them...i ordered a pair of prada boots on sale & they sent me the wrong the time i got the shoes & called them back, they'd totally sold out of them :sad:
  12. ^lelgin is that a cavalier in ur avatar? sooo cute! i want one so much! :love:
  13. I have a friend who works in the Web Retail arena, and he said that word on the street is that Bluefly is in a panic. Apparently, their sales have dropped precipitously (boo hoo :hrmm: ), and they don't seem to be doing anything about it (as a matter of fact - their actions as indicated in this thread are hurting them even more). If I was working there, I would start looking for a new job ...
  14. Gee---I wonder why their sales have dropped. You mean, people don't want to pay large sums of money for counterfeit junk? What's wrong with people? Have Bluefly even considered that their goodwill has been tarnished?