Something is Stuck in My Eye

  1. I dont know if I should be posting this here, but I know some of our forum members are doctors/premed students. I've had something stuck in my eye for about three days now, but I cant seem to find it. Its on the inside of my upper eye-lid and I have flushed it with water and tried everything. Now, I am starting to think that it might be a small growth inside my eye because it has been in the same place from the beginning. I'm afraid this might scratch my eye :cry: . My doctor has been out of her office for a while, should I head to the emergency room?:sad:
  2. I probably wouldn't go to the ER if I was you - you might end up sitting for a very long time just to be told you need to see an eye doctor. Can you get a referral from your doc to see someone else since she is not available?
  3. I have no advice, but good luck with it!
  4. Assuming you have tried the oldest trick in the book - pulling your upper lid out and over the entire eye till it touches the bottom and holding it there for a few seconds - If that doesn't work, I would call whatever opthamologist is covering for your doctor (tell the office that it is an emergency and you need to see someone) . Take care and good luck.
  5. Do you have any "doc in the box"places, the stand alone walk in medical clinics that are usually open long hours? I would try there just to have someone take a look. But I would not wait any longer cause there are things that can happen with the eye that, to the patient, feel like "something in my eye" when it is really something else.
  6. Maybe its a little cyst? I get them sometimes and they go away within a week.
  7. well i had something like a sunspot in my eye.. it looks clear but on my eyeball.. I forgot the technical word for it.. but it comes and goes. I wouldn't goto emergency.. the docs there aren't specialists... IMO, if there was something wrong w/ your eye.. your vision would be affected, or the eye would be red..
  8. It can be a strange body in your eye( sand , dust particle ) or an cornean inflamation ( not necessarely red)do you have tears or sensitivity to light? . Have you tried to pour some Visine or any eye drops and see if your condition gets better and stays better? If the iritation persist , you should consider seeing a doctor , hope u feel better
  9. Could it be a sty or an ingrown eyelash? It would feel like your eyelid or the skin around your eye is pained.

    I would try going to an eye doctor-even a place like Sears or JCPennys-just someone who can look at it. I'm completely paranoid about my eyes, I wouldn't want any type of permanent damage done.
  10. you should go to your eye doctor. i had something similar happen and it turned out to be an infection, but it sure felt like something was in my eye. anyway, a few weeks and some drops later and i was fine.
  11. Thanks for all the advice girls...your the BEST...well i asked my doctor for a referral and I went to an turned out to be a cyst that should go away on its own...but BOY was i worried when i was walking into the office...thanks again:yes: :flowers:
  12. Could it be a pimple? I have heard that it is possible for pimples to grow there (albeit, it doesn't occur often).

    Either way, make an appointment to see an eye doctor, and in the meantime, use eyedrops regularly and don't rub your eyes.
  13. I'm glad you called the doctor. Phew!
  14. Thanks for the update - Glad it's nothing!!!