Something is always happening! Just a little rant, join me in a little whining...>

  1. I'll bring the cheese ;)

    Holidays are always a whirl wind, we usually travel, too and that adds to the hetic feel. This year I crashed my laptop while we were travelling and came home and my car had issues.

    With out my laptop and no car, I buckled down and got all the holiday stuff taken down and put away by Tuesday (a record for me) Wednesday I got all the suitcases unpacked and wash done. I got my car and laptop back on Wednesday night :yahoo:. With my car back, Thursday I did all the running around errands; Post office, returned a few holiday things, grocery store, hair cuts for the boys, mani/pedi for me, etc. As I went to bed last night, I thought, "Yeah, now I can get back to 'normal'! " When my hubby so rudely interruppted my thoughts of morning coffee and tPF, maybe a little shopping trip..."What are we doing for K's birthday?"

    Today is my middle son's 14th don't think I forgot my son's birthday...but while travelling he found a fairly expensive skateboard he wanted for his birthday, he declined our offer for a party and a few presents from grandparents etc are awaiting him, so at least he has something to open. So, other than picking up a cake, I thought I was pretty well done...Good one Tink.

    After a little back and forth, I am off this morning to the party store for a few decorations, verizon for a new phone for him (which is bacically free, since his contact is up...and he needs, since the old one keeps dying)....but that's the 'set up' we decided to surprise him with a new guitar, so that needs to be bought, too. Yes, spoiled I know....

    Anyway, sorry so long....the point is, there went my 'normal' morning...then comes the weekend with hockey for the boys and football playoffs...then I started thinking of all the other things coming projects, personal projects I havel been putting off, travel for the superbowl, taxes, then DH's birthday..throw in the someone will get sick, something will break...yada, yada, get the idea...

    I know I am not the only one like this...I guess this is 'normal'...but I just long for some routine, but there is none is sight...and I don't even have to deal with the daily work grind...I applaud :woohoo: you all who surely deal with all I do, plus a regular job!
  2. You are truly superwoman. I totally freak out if one thing goes wrong let alone having to take care of others. I don't know how moms do it.
  3. I know how you feel! We didn't really have Christmas at all this year, and then my grandparents got pneumonia and so I couldn't even see them after driving down for 8 hrs! They wouldn't let anybody come over because they thought they still had a bug and didn't want anybody to get it. Grr!!!! Plus DH's parents didn't even care about Christmas and then told us they wouldn't take our dogs while we were in Iraq, even though they told us the opposite we were scrambling and worried because they told us we could just give one of our dogs to a shelter and they'd watch the other one (what?). Luckily we figured it out and then DH ended up losing 15 lbs in order to make height/weight to change Army specialties, now he gets to go to a new school for 5 months! Things will get better but the holidays definitely were nonexistent and depressing this year!
  4. Ugh. My turn. My boss just called me and know i don't have a day off for a week and a half! I'm such a pushover.
  5. That's the thing......really I am not super woman...because at least I onlt do consulting, so I can pick and choose when and how much I 'work'. If I had to answer to a boss, I would be in big trouble.

    Yuck, you poor thing!! I hope you're making good overtime!
  6. Oh, my! You really do have your hands full! I hope your grandparents are doing better and I am glad you found someone to watch your dogs.

    When are you being deployed? I am sure there must be so much to do to get ready.
  7. My grandparents are super troopers...that's why we were surprised they even got sick in the first place! But they are doing better thank you :heart:33333333 I want to fly down to see them soon, and this time actually SEE them! LOL

    We don't leave for give or take, a year. So there is lots of time yet no time at all! Lots of training to do, but this year will be very exciting for lots of reasons!

  8. Aww, I'd work for you if I could, I'm used to working for 2 weeks straight at a given stretch. :flowers:
  9. I was sick over the holidays (probably from the frenzy of "normal") so I got a little rest.

    Tink, you need a spa day.
  10. Tink, you really are amazing! I second a spa day. :nuts:

    I had a nasty cold/bronchitis that started a week before Christmas, and didn't go away until a week ago. Bleh. Had to call in sick a few days, so my next check will be almost non-existant. :lol:

    Now, my grandmother is dying, she's been on constant watch the past week. I had last night to myself, but tonight I'm headed back over there. I think, if I wasn't at peace with her going, I'd be a complete wreck right now!

    *hugs* to all.
  11. Glad you have some time, like all of us, I am sure it will pass in a flash. I am glad your grandparents are doing better.

    I am sorry you were sick, no fun being sick anytime, but worse over the holidays. I am glad you got some rest.

    Another sick one over the holidays, I am so sorry to hear that! I hope you're doing better now.

    I am sorry about you're grandmother, I am glad you are at peace with it. It is hard to let go, better sometimes it is for the best.

    ******Hugs and best wishes to everyone*********
  12. Well I've been sitting on my butt for 4 weeks having school off. I just finished a big huge major paper on Monday....and some other deadlines got pushed back. So it's been majorly relaxing here. BUT school starts on Tuesday....which means I get to listen to the whining and moaning of the freshman I teach, endless meetings, too many projects will start back up again. My normalcy will soon end!
  13. I hear you Mary. Life is a very long marathon w/ constant bumps and hurdles. Whenever I think I have a relatively calm week, it always gets filled w/ hectic craziness.
  14. ^I agree!
    The holidays are hectic for us in general but the day after New Year's, my dad had a radical prostatectomy to hopefully get rid of his prostate cancer and will be off of work for a couple of months to recover. It's a process every day, my mom and I haven't even gone to bed (we've been sleeping downstairs in case my dad needs something since he's in the bedroom down here) since last Thursday night. He's getting better each day, but he's still in pain and it's quite a bit of work getting him all set up each day.
    And school starts on the 22nd for me. Sigh. Sometimes I feel like I'm on the edge of a burn out.