something interesting i heard today...

  1. before my dance practice today, a girl in the class noticed my bag and told me that her dad had gotten her a mono bucket (she didn't know what it was called, but described it to me, so i figure it's a bucket) from new york. she said that it's real, and that in new york, and other big cities, apparently, people steal boxes of louis vuitton from the shipment trucks. she said that that is what happened with the bag her dad got her- stolen from a truck! she went on to say that the people who stole the bags led her dad and a coworker up some stairs and into a room so that they could pick what they wanted for a substancially lower price than retail! this made me think, if this is true, then wow! these thieves are the cause of all our dreaded price increases! has anyone heard of anything like this? it was an odd story to me.:confused1:
  2. Don't believe the story. Those 'thieves' are thieves alright, and couterfeiters!!!
  3. That should be a lying story to excuse for a fake bag?
  4. sounds like they didn't steal any LV's and that they fabricated that story and plainly knew that they had fakes they wanted to sell to her dad and his co-worker.
  5. He bought a fake...don't ask me why but some people think buying stolen bags is better than buying fakes....whatever!
  6. :wtf: Don't know what to say about that one.
  7. ughhhhh....:wtf: lol
  8. fake fake fake! they cant steal bags from lv trucks. is there even such a thing as a louis vuitton truck?
    also, sophiae, i dance too! yay dancers!
  9. Yeah that's a total lie. This is one thing the people who carry fakes try to tell people about their bags. And yeah, I agree with anyone could possibly be proud of saying "oh yeah it's stolen" (whether it is or not) is beyond me. "Led them to an upstairs room" is just another way of saying "led them into a back room on Canal St. to buy fakes."
  10. I suppose anything like that could happen. My concern is, is she just telling you a story? Maybe, you should wait and see what this girl brings to your dance class the next time. :shrugs:
  11. This is a common story that the counterfeiters tell - "it's real - it was stolen!"
  12. Wow, what a pathetic story if it is meant to excuse the fact her dad bought her a fake! She probably made up this elaborate story to make her LV seem real when in fact her dad just got it off Canal street. And if her dad actually fell for this crock of B.S. then I don't know what's worse!!
    Double shame on them both, for either (1) buying fake goods or (2) trafficking stolen (and probably fake) goods!!
  13. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    THAT'S A SCAM!!!

    it's been going around for about 5 years now in LA.

    fakers say they steal shipments and sell fake stuff!!!
  14. ITA!! Never EVER understood that round of reasoning.
  15. Oh boy. Someone's dad was taken.