Something interesting about Hermes on TV

  1. I was half awake last night channel surfing in bed and I came across a short expose on a Hermes store on TV. The weird thing about it was I was watching CCTV9, the English "propaganda" station for the red Chinese. I didn't catch the whole segment, but they were talking about the store in Hong Kong. If you have ever seen this channel, you would know that everything about China is portrayed as positive, and this was no different. It was interesting though to see such a segment, and it looked like a neat store. Anyone been there?
  2. Interesting; wish I'd seen it.
  3. Interesting! Thanks for sharing this! And welcome to tPF!!
  4. It is the hardest channel to figure out when anything is on. Basically they run news and exposes on China nonstop, kind of entertaining. There are no ads, but basically the whole channel is one big 24 hour advertisement for China. They could very well rerun the segment, but I wouldn't know when.
  5. TYVM. :smile: Being a man, I'm not too into purses and bags. But I do like many of the brands for their accessories, and just their overall design.

    Anyways, I think I found the link for the story. Unfortunately, I'm on a dialup, so I can't watch it to make sure this is the right clip (well, I guess I could, but you know). Hope this works for someone (IIRC the Hermes segment was towards the end of the story on HK.