Something in Red...

  1. Happy Holidays Everyone!

    I just want to share my new H sac with you. It is a fun and vibrant color combination which is great for the holidays and all-year round. I present to you my new Rouge Garance 40 cm Birkin in taurillon clemence leather with palladium hardware.


    rouge_garance_clemence_phw_40_birkin_a.jpg rouge_garance_clemence_phw_40_birkin_b.jpg rouge_garance_clemence_phw_40_birkin c.jpg
  2. Beautiful bag congrats on your new addition!
  3. What a great color! Congratulations!
  4. What beautiful eyecandy! Enjoy. It's perfect for all seasons to come.
  5. Very beautiful :smile:
  6. Beauteous! I love RG - it's exactly the bag I would like next but in the 35 size
  7. lovely lovely lovely!!!
  8. Oh Jaeger ~ Oh! Do I Adore Rouge Garrance!!!!!! The Color Is Magnificent In Clemence!!!!!! A Magnificent Adddition To One Of The Most Beautiful Collections I Have Ever Seen:heart:
  9. Oh JH - Happy Holidays to you too and congrats on your lovely new bag. Once again great pictures too.
  10. Yay!! Great color!!! Congrats and you will be perfection for the Holiday Season!
  11. Wow!! Gorgeous! Congratulations and enjoy in good health!
  12. Oh my that is such a wonderful bag! LOVE the color. Congratulations!
  13. Fantastic addition, JH!!! I know you will rock that new birkin 40 most excellently this holiday season! congratulations!!
  14. Absolutely gorgeous J!!!
  15. Congratulations on your happy, happy red, JH. I love Rouge Garance! I have never seen a RG Clemence in a 40cm, and it's gorgeous! Another fantastic addition to your droolworthy collection. :flowers: