Something in Pomme. Need help to decide.

  1. Hiya. I desperately want to own something in pomme :love:. It has to be something useful or something that I can use everyday. I have to choose carefully because I am getting the azur speedy 25, so $ is a bit tight. So I was thinking either the small agenda or the vernis cles. Which one do you love?

    Btw, I've seen the new vernis cles (LE is it?) that you've all posted. It is absolutely gorgeous. I would love one of those...:girlsigh:
  2. I love the pomme cles! Get the new one if you can!!
  3. pomme cles :heart: - i use my blackberry as an organizer so the agenda is out for me. Good luck!
  4. I'd get the new larger cles. I just got the Pomme. It is so beautiful and the size is perfect.
  5. I love the cles. I stick my keys, some cash, and a few necessary cards and go.
  6. yeah, i'd get the new pochette cles. i have one in violette and it's pretty useful and holds a lot.
  7. I'd say go for the new LE Pomme Cles. :yes:
  8. Thanks guys. I was leaning towards that one too :yes:. However, can someone enlighten me. Are limited items not shown on the LV website?

    (Btw, the date 1st of feb somehow rings a bell. Is it the release date? If I wanted to ask the SA, what should I ask for? The Limited Vernis Cles? Help, Confused:shrugs:)

  9. Another vote for the new LE Cles... I saw it last weekend and i can't stop thinking about it. I think I may have to pick one up
  10. Hi yummum! I ordered the LE cles in pomme and amarante yesterday. I called my SA and must have babbled on and on about what I wanted. Anyhow, in the end my SA figured out that I wanted the new cles that has the LV plaque on it. He said it was bigger than the original cles and is available in violette, pomme and amarante. I can't wait to get it! I know you can also call 866-vuitton as well and they will help you get one. Good luck!!! :woohoo:
  11. Mini agenda is only $240 and it has room for a few cards and a pen slot. I just got one in amarante and it's super cute in the pomme too! It'll fit even in a small purse. Just don't get suckered in to buying the LV pen. It's beautiful but expensive. I'm sure if you look around you can find a mini one to fit.