something in pink

  1. Congrats it's gorgeous.
  2. Ohhhh I want this colour of LD in patent :loveeyes:
    Congrats for scoring this beauty! Mind if I ask how much did you pay for this beauty?
  3. Im not a fan of the structure of LD. But if I was ever 2get one, just for the sake of owning one. That would be my dream colour! Stunning!!!!!!
  4. hi Sprina, i paid 4,600,000 KRW.. i guess it's around usd 4,600 before tax refund
  5. thanks for the info :biggrin:
    i might travel to Korea or Taiwan this September, so its better to research the price first :p
  6. Wow! That's such a nice pop of color! The pink with the champagne hardware is to die for! Congrats on your Lady Dior!
  7. With the dior twillies i bought at the duty free at incheon airport
  8. :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:Oh my goodness! This bag is so beautiful! I haven't seen this style before. I really love how all of the colours are perfectly coordinated, including the gold hardware with the bit of "gold" on the scarf.

  9. Stunning! Absolutely love this combination. :tup:
  10. Oh I misread. I thought the scarves came with the bag. You tied them so professionally! Great coordination once again! :biggrin:
  11. Thanks averagejoe and eminere

    I didnt had luck with the scarves at seoul itself.. the boutiques either only had 1 which i couldnt make a pair or the colors didnt match.. i even tried hermes but to no avail.. guess i got lucky on my way back home :smile:
  12. It was meant to be. ;)
  13. love this!!!! congrats :biggrin: its gorg!!
  14. i bought a bag charm to glam up the bag haa :p



    i think dior charms are really cute and exquisite!
  15. Wow I love what you've done to personalize your Lady Dior. It's very unique and beautiful!