Something in grey & in goatskin..... and its limited ed!

  1. And so if you have replied/read my thread yesterday, I have gone back today to exchange my M/L caviar Classic to something made in goatskin...:shame: no i didn't chose the white jumbo although it was reserved for me..perhaps my next purchase will be a jumbo ...heh and according to my SA, this is limited edition... well...:rolleyes:

    enjoy the strip tease...
    DSC00425.JPG DSC00426.JPG DSC00427.JPG
  2. :whistle:
  3. :popcorn:
  4. i have that i have that! it's a grey padded envelope flap!! :graucho: sorry to be a spoiler! :p
  5. Here she is revealed! Its the padded envelope! Ain't she gorgeous! So softy and cuddly...
    DSC00437.JPG DSC00428.JPG DSC00434.JPG DSC00435.JPG DSC00436.JPG
  6. Ladydeluxe--righty you are!!! :tup:
    My next bag will definitely be a classic flap..
  7. Very beautiful, congrats!
  8. Beautiful bag! congrats!
  9. oooh lovely choice. So what was it that swayed you over this one more!!

    Its really gorgeous :smile:
  10. Chloe-babe, good to see your reply!
    I seriously donnoe, but i was just browsing around the store while my SA went to collect my white jumbo and *bang* i just saw this baby at a corner (together with other padded collections) and i just knew that it has to be mine.. tell me did i make a wrong choice?! :smile:
  11. It's beautiful and the leather looks so soft..

    In your first post of the thread,the bag's outline can be seen (when it's in the dustbag).. Hehehe.. you sound really happy..
  12. Here's some modeling pixs
    DSC00438.JPG DSC00439.JPG DSC00441.JPG
  13. Teddy, I think you made an amazing choice, especially after seeing your modelling piccies. I love the envelope, as its not seen as often as the flap, and im so glad you found something that you immediately thought, have to have.

    I still think that white Jumbo will be yours one day soon tho too ......... ;)
  14. Congrats!
  15. So pretty... congrats! It looks great in the modeling pics.