Something in coral or something in aqua?

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  1. Oh crikey SJ you have got it bad girl !!!! I'd say wait for aqua mabel. You love the mabel design and aqua would look great with navy which it sounds you often wear. You've already got the 'pink' thing covered with hanover. Does this help at all????
    Also- didn't think you were a bayswater girl???!!!
  2. Please don't buy the Bayswater Sarajane I feel a lot of return trips to Shepton if you do lol

  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Spot on Jackie! Bayswater moment is over, you can see how much of a muddle I'm in right now!!!!
  4. I say aqua mabel - its gorgeous and you love the style and know it works for you. From what Ive read, youve never been keen on the bayswater style, so would it really work in coral? If you only had to pick one out of those three which one would your heart go for??!

    Im not lusting after anything at the moment.... well, not really. I would love a purple mabel and an oak annie though!