Something in coral or something in aqua?

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  1. This bag lust is not going to be sated until I get my hands on a new one, so should it be coral or aqua?
    Shall I break out of my comfort zone & go for coral Bayswater - tried it & it fits over my shoulder (hurrah!), or go for the plainer but sensible coral Agyness hobo?
    Or shall I wait for an aqua Mabel - outlet or birthday in June?
  2. Defo wait for the AQUA Mabel its such a summer colour!!! :love:
  3. You know that I :heart: the aqua Mabel but I think you should hold off from the Mabel for now and perhaps go for the coral Agyness (how about the regular Agyness and not the hobo?)

    Simply because
    a) the aqua isn't reduced yet - plenty of time to pick up one of those in the future
    b) what about marine Milton? That should be released next month - is a similar shade to aqua and you may prefer it
    c) what if you see a true red Mabel in the next few months? If you've already bought a Mabel in a different colour, you wouldn't be able to get the red one.
  4. I'm being a true Gemini today (and I'm bored which never helps!) & I'm throwing lots of possibilities around in my head. Bag lust fever has taken hold - sorry all, it might be a long day!
    Why do none of the rest of you seem to get it as bad????? Perhaps you're just quieter about it!
  5. Im on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer...and had the Red Mabel lust fever for ages...then the Antony Fever started...but Im holding off til my bday in June for the Antony as I said I'd wait till June for the Red Mabel but have that now.. AM hoping to get 2 new bags in June!!!

  6. Glad it's not just me! What colour Antony are you going to go for?
  7. Well I am normally quite good for a Gemini ,but I do have my moments i.e Poppy..
    I usually hate this time of year Spring one day to raise our hopes , winter the next , never know where we are . I usually make all my retail mistakes this time of year . I'm fine once we get to Summer , and great in Winter but inbetweeny TERRIBLE.
    Roll on Summer.
  8. You know Flossie, I think I'm the same re seasonal mistakes. If I make them it's going to be in spring & autumn, but definitely most happen in spring.
    How strange.
  9. I'm in coloured bag frenzy also! Fancying a coloured antony but have no clue what colours it came in, it was the teal mentioned in the Shepton thread that got me all a quiver :tender:. The Aqua mabel or the pale blue one or also causing serious bag lust over here....I may need a lie down in a dark room with a flannel over my face!
  10. I think that as you have already bought two Mabels (and returned both) that maybe the coral agyness is another option to try ?

    Have you seen the coral bays ? I love this colour is the agyness the same colour as the bays one ?

  11. You could well be right. I love the Mabel but don't think it has yet been made in my colour.
    The coral colour is gorgeous - the Agyness was exactly the same colour as the Bayswater. They were all on one shelf at Shepton & could be seen all the way from the other end of the shop!
  12. I'd say wait for AQUA mabel, its fab :smile:!!!
  13. Aqua mabel!
  14. SJ, I like the Choco and Black Antony am wondering whether to hold off and see if the one with the pocket goes on sale from the Mulberry website in the Summer or just go ahead and buy the outlet version without the front pocket.

    The AQUA mabel is defo a lush colour!!
  15. Here's my suggestion:
    1. Buy coral Bayswater - gorgeous and classic
    2. Buy coral Agyness - very nice and smooshy and maybe a tad bit more casual
    3. Buy aqua MAbel - gorgeous and the color is TDF

    There, problem solved!!!

    I am only lusting after chocolate Roxy right now - thank goodness, although that coral colored large Sam messenger bag is lovely! lol