Something in Blue Jean

  1. Okay weeks after Waiting, i take the subway to the Airport and i bought my first Hermés Ulysse PM in Blue Jean. But i can´t go into the Store, because the Store is after the Security Check. :cursing:
    I called in the Shop and they told my a SA can give it to me outside. I said okay. Then she cames and my heart was jumping :heart:. Then she opend the Box and showed me the Ulysee. WOW! We started talking about the Colours especially Etoupe, the she asked me if i´m intrested for a Lindy or a Kelly. I thought OMG!!!:wtf: But i have not so much money for that Bags.:crybaby: I asked her what she has in in Stock right now. She said Kelly´s, Lindy, Bolide, Evelyn´s. My 2-year-Old son Luis run´s all over the Airport and she bought a small Book for him. it was so sweer.That was a great first Hermés Expirience. My Etoupe Ulysse is on the Way, and comes hopefully in the next week´s.

    I post pic´s as soon i can. But my camera doesn´t works at the moment.

    Sorry for my Bad English.
  2. birkinfan, congratulations!

    Are you talking about the Munich airport? I loved their H boutique, bought one my favorite belt there.

    Wow, they carry Kelly, Lindy Bolide and Evelyne there? At the Narita (Tokyo) airport, they don't carry the "higher end" bags....
  3. Thanks yes munich airport. I thought the same as you.;)
  4. Lucky you!!!

    BtW, your English is fine!
  5. That sounds exciting. Congrats on the Agenda and your first successful Hermes visit. You English was good.
  6. Your English is just fine!!! It is not everyone's native language here, so we all understand, and are thrilled that you speak it as well as you do so we can celebrate with you!!!! Congratulations on your first Hermes purchase! May this be the first of many more to come!!!
  7. Congratulations Birkinfan. Ulysses are lots of fun to use.
  8. A Very Big Congratulations!!!
  9. congrats!!! what a sweet SA to help you like that! BJ was the color for my very first H bag, so you're off to a great start!!!
  10. I love the shop in Munich airport!!! There is one SA with dark skin there who is just a doll!
    Congrats on your Blue Jean!
  11. Yes she´s a very nice Lady. She make my dream come true.:yahoo:
  12. Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you! :yahoo:
  13. Congrats. Can't wait to see the pictures.
  14. What a nice story! I am glad you found a nice SA to work with!!!
  15. :yes: I absolutely :heart: mine.