Something I wrote :shame:

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    This is a little something I wrote ..

    The Reflection In The Mirror

    Being an active member of society exposes a person to many ways and levels of thinking, acting, interacting, and reacting. With time, these accumulate and build up slowly creating a human personality. Throwing curve balls from time to time as a way of refining that personality and sculpting it into the individual it is. Each of these curve balls either creates a lesson or is a lesson in itself.

    This past year alone has taught me valuable lessons that have made my reflection in the mirror a lot more mature, content, honest, and pure. A reflection I am proud to look at. It took a lot (by quantity and quality) but I finally see the light. I have opened my eyes to the truth, the right, the fair, and the just. In many levels and in more ways than one. My soul has been sculpted and sanded into the recent state that I see when I look in the mirror, and still is. Now, I not only know what is wrong, but I also know how to fix it. I not only know my limits and boundaries, but I also know that there are no excuses to exceed them. I not only know what to do, but I also know how to do it. I am content.

    Experiences come and go but what we learn from these experiences is what counts. I have been wrong, and I have been right. I received praise and I received criticism. Be it with the purest of intentions, or with the meanest. What matters most, are the consequences. What I know now is, the harder the blow, the clearer your mind gets. And I can see crystal clear now! Thanks to many people, situations, and experiences that have made me see how juvenile some of my actions were and how mature the others were.

    Maybe some of the most important lessons of all were the importance of hanging on to what’s right no matter what, to remember God at all times, and to remember that there WILL be judgment and that it WILL be just, fair, and complete. What’s right, should always be what makes you feel good about yourself, that is, if your head is screwed on right.

    Apologize when you’re wrong. Be grateful when you’re right. Accept your faults, and fix them.

    Face the root of the problem, find the support you need to fix it, and start!

    One of the most important lessons as well is to never cheat your self. Be what you are and what you were raised to be. Be your true inner self and be proud of how you were brought up. Show off the discipline you received and make sure you are in touch with that greater being that created you. Because, basically, no one will know the real you if you don’t portray that image. No one will prey open your chest and judge the soul within. That’s YOUR responsibility. They will always judge your actions, your words, and your looks. Don’t assume that someone will judge you for who you are if they don’t really know you.

    Your intentions may be of complete purity but your actions may not support that. And, unfortunately, they speak a lot louder.
    Don’t give into your temptations or you WILL suffer the consequences. You could be living the devil’s dream and be awakened with so much force that you don’t even know what struck you. Your life could be flipped upside down and you will have only God to thank for saving your soul (assuming you flipped for the better).

    I made some major decisions this year that affected me deeply in many ways, good, amazing, bad, and horrible! But what I see in the mirror now is a new person. Born to give, care, and support. Actually, let me be more precise. I’m back to my old self again. I’m back to the mature, sensitive, caring human being that I was not so long ago. Experiences gave me the power to appreciate who I was before and the will to return to that path, and much better.

    Some of the experiences that carved me into who I am now contain some experiences that I wish could be erased, forgiven, and forgotten forever! Ironic isn’t it?

    I believe more in God’s bigger picture now, because if I hadn’t been through all this, the mirror I’m looking at now would’ve had the same reflection ….. forever!

    His Angel