Something I thought I'd never say...

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  1. I want a white bag. I bought a mineral rogue and immediately the next week bought cornflower but I wanted chalk but I chickened out at the last minute. I have carried mineral and cornflower non stop since I got them and love the bag. But really want chalk. I think I like it better than cornflower. Now with no discount I don't want to buy chalk full price. I have looked at other white bags but I like the contrast of black with the white in the rogue. Should have went with my gut.
  2. I have the chalk but haven't used it yet. Mostly cause the weather here in Canada is still HORRIBLE. I'm a bit scared of getting it dirty but hopefully I'll get over that.

    Now that you have been using your Rogues for a while, do you find them heavy? Another concern I have. . . .
  3. I don't think it's heavy. Especially with shoulder straps. But I'm used to pretty heavy bags

    I know what you mean the weather in PA Is horrible for spring too
  4. I know what you mean. I am really into chalk purses for some reason. I have the chalk saddle bag and live in Florida, but still too afraid to use it, not because of the weather, just because I think I'm going to get it dirty. I did use apple garde, so I hope that helps. I actually bought the chalk Rogue and returned it because I already had a Rogue in oxblood and couldn't justify two at full price, but when it went on PCE, I probably should have purchased it. Instead, I returned the oxblood Rogue and repurchased it at the PCE price and bought the suede Rogue, which I love.

    I did just purchase the Rogue 25 in white, but it doesn't have the contrasting black handles, it has oxblood handles. It hasn't shipped yet. I do think I'll like it because I don't mind gold hardware on chalk purses, but my preference for hardware is gunmetal.

    Isn't there supposed to be another PCE around Mother's Day? Maybe you can get it then.
  5. I heard it'd be excluded from future PCE events but I hope not. Lol
  6. ANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You puchased the 25??????????? PUH-LEASE POST 1000 PICTURES lol esp. compared in size to the medium. And the weight!!

    I'm so worried about the weight of the medium that I'm dying to see the small. I think the size would be fine for me. I'M SO EXCITED THAT YOU HAVE IT COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. If sales are down for a month they may rethink that lol.
  8. I hope it ships today because I'll get it tomorrow since I'm in Florida. I'll take a bunch of pics whenever I get it. Did you know that it isn't a small version of the one you have? It has gold hardware and oxblood handles. Is that still okay for you?

    I think I will really like the size of the 25 since the width is the same as the regular size. I hate that I can't carry the regular size by the handles because it would be too heavy. I would mostly carry it over my shoulder, but the handles are so nice, it's nice to have the option of carrying like a satchel at times.
  9. I think I'd prefer my color scheme but overall the most important thing is to have a bag that I can carry comfortably. That is the most important thing. No point in having a bag sitting in a box because it's too uncomfortable to use, right? Actually the oxblood handles sound lovely.I can live with gold hw.

    Cannot WAIT TO SEE IT. I am probably more excited than you lol. :roflmfao:
  10. Right there with you diva. Just after PCE ended I saw a SA's chalk Rogue with the black leather tea rose charm and I've been somewhat obsessed with it ever since. And this is from a person that didn't even really like the Rogue to begin with. There's something about that shape and the black/white/gunmetal combo that just works. Just can't bring myself to pay full price for any Coach though. Been burned too much.

    Edit: Just received email - can confirm Rogue is excluded from F & F.
  11. It is?! Shoot! 😈

  12. Did you get yours with PCE?
  13. Do you know if the the 25 has the double shoulder straps or not??
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