Something I really REALLY hate.

  1. Is that now the gh hardware bags have hit the streets of manhattan! And I mean are hanging up for sale, the worst part about it is they don't look bad at all from a glance. I really wish the fake bag crap would be over, they really kill what is an amayzing ingeniuos, classic bag. On one hand, you know you own the real one, and lets be honest, there is a BIG diff. between leather and pleather. But when all people will see is your bag at a glance, it might as well be a knock off on the street. And so many people dont know whatBalenciaga is, that people actually refer to it as that bag off the street that everyone has, so its kind of embarrasing when everyones doing double takes at your bag, those of you not in nyc are lucky, but for those in nyc I know you know what I'm talking about, they have really murdered the motorcycle line. MURDERED it!

    Okay, done ranting, but do you feel my pain???
  2. i do! i don't live in nyc but the last time i went to visit a friend, there's fakes everywhere! the fake bbags feel terrible though but it's still disturbing to see the majority of the people walking around carrying some sort of fake designer bag
  3. i went to my local County Fair over the weekend, and they had 5 different booths celling fake handbags. LV, gucci, chanel and coach. I was annoyed I had to leave and did not even get to see the fire works.
  4. i saw the worst plastic bbags in REALLY bad looking like enormous plastic cussions or something hideous...
    my bf had to calm me down cause i couldnt stop staring ..
    havent really seen gh fakes i think...but then again if its really good fakes u probably cant even tell by a glance *sigh* :sad:
  5. There are actually kiosks of fake bags set up in most of shopping malls in my city. MALLS!! Not out on the street, not on some crazy website, but there are fake Coach bags in kiosks right near the food court, when there are authorized retailers of real Coach bags right down the corridor!! I only mention Coach because there are no authorized retailers of anything better than that in my town. So the people buying the bright pink pleather ostrich "Prada" with the overly enormous ridiculous looking fake triangle logo have nothing to compare it to. You'd think there would be at least one Macy's employee with an IQ of slightly more than a raisin who would consider questioning mall management over why they are letting these idiots set up in their mall. But no. Luckily the fakers here haven't discovered bbags yet!!:smile: No wonder I do most of my shopping online these days...
  6. ITA!!! I just bought my first b-bdag (vert d'eau city) and my co-worker complimented it. Next day she was like "oh you know I saw a bag like yours somewhere in midtown with patent leather and they look really nice". I was like - :yucky: :oh: :censor:
  7. yes, i know what you mean! i went shopping at Haight/Ashbury in SF on wednesday, and i saw fake GH Bbags in the windows of some stores. I gasped in dismay when i saw them.:cursing:
  8. Yep, I totally feel your pain. I think I see about 50 fakes for every one real bbag I see. I used to live a block below Canal st and everyday I'd have people trying to sell me fakes :yucky:
  9. I totally understand. I grew up and lived in NYC my whole life... gotta face it... notorious for fake bags! It makes me made when I see these ladies with very bad fashion sense carrying a fake LV or Fendi. Now that I moved to Houston Texas I thought I would get away from it. NOT! I saw a fake Bbags at a MALL! The Galleria mall is the only one real mall in Houston and there are LV, Gucci, Dior retail stores in this all but at one kiosk I saw a FAKE Bbags! Made me so mad. I was gonna go over and confront the worker but my DH stopped me. I was :cursing:
  10. I definitely feel your pain, I mean I dont live in NYC but everytime i go back to HK... there are just soooooo many fakes out there... Bbags not so much but LVs and Guccis... everywhere! and the country where i study... well... lets just say... the city style is ALL OVER the place... theres ones selling as "genuine" for $20! I'm like :wtf:which is like US$16!!! its disgusting! everytime I see little girls using one or trying to sell their fakes listed on the local auction site as "Genuine Motorcycle Bag as seen on Nicole Ritchie" I'm like :throwup:.... just get soooo :mad:!!!
  11. sucha pain!!!!!!!!!!!! crapped*
    often there are loadsa funny silly fake monograms all round the streets, LVs...sometimes like Bbags you may not regconise it at a glance, coz nowadays replicas are soooo 'real' but like chloe paddy, the padlock is obvious to point at!
    not only on the streets, when you see 90% ebays are selling so called 100% authentic Bbags at $160/£80 or even under!! WHAT A LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
  12. bellafleur:
    O love this! heehee!

    Anyway, fakes: who cares? It's a tasteful thing- those who know, know. Those who don't deserve our compassion- I love a quote of (model married to Seal) that I saw once in reference to Brittany Spears, which basically said, 'she's trying to do the best she can, like we all are.' (Huge paraphrase, but you get the idea.)

    People who know, *know* you have the real thing. Believe me.

    And, in NYC, fakes are theft protection camoflage!

    BUT I have to agree, counterfits should be banned at malls!!! That's outrageous.
  13. I was shopping in dongdaemun market in south korea this summer and I guess Korea is where all those fake GH bags come from. The fake GH city in metallic silver is such a hit in Korea I see it everywhere. They have stores that are chock full of just fake Balenciagas in tons of colors that Balenciaga has never even produced.

    However I can still tell they are fake from a mile away!
  14. Very well said!:tup:
  15. There are many "inspired" designs of Balenciaga motors, Chloe Paddies and Luella Giselles/Stevies on the shelves of large departmental stores in my country (think equivalent of Macy's). Most people do not know about designer bags beyond LV and Gucci monograms, so they have no clue they are buying a designer "inspiration". Problem with these "inspirations" are that they are pretty close, with only slight variations in details. And some are even made of leather, albeit of a lower grade, and do cost over USD100.