Something I noticed

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  1. For the last few weeks, I noticed many members (while reading posts) seem to know what colors are available on what leathers at this podium. I am valid is this information? Did your SA's know for sure and where do they find out? It seems like some of you just know point blank and other people really don't know at all. Would this info. just be subject to change at podium or is pretty set in stone?

    I would love to hear...also, if you can share what info you have heard that would be great as well.
  2. KB, at least with the store I work with, they seem to be making their statements based on educated guesses and in some cases what they've been told directly by Paris in prior conversations. They update their swatch book as to the "current" leathers and then they encourage you to pick what's in the current book to increase your chances of your order being accepted. Of course, you are able to special order something you don't see (i.e., special hardware, different color lining, straps, etc), but if it's something they know is being discontinued they'll tell you flat out. In some cases, I find that the resident craftsperson (if your store has one) can be more knowledgeable than the SA as to what can or what can't be done. In the end, they'll know for sure when the managers go to Paris and are shown exactly what's available and can be done.
  3. KB, i'm not sure how the podium works....does anyone know? all i know was that my SA asked what i wanted to order at the podium and we both had our fingerscrossed that it goes through......
  4. Pazt...that is more along the way that I felt it all happens. I just noticed more and more posts that members seem to have much more info. I just started to wonder and I thought I would ask.
  5. My SA was in Paris in January, and came back with some info which she kindly passed on to me, as she was helping me out with some SO ideas. She was also formerly married to one of the craftsmen at the Pantin Atelier, so I believe her "inside information".
  6. lol, you don't get much better than that, K! mine have a general idea of what will go through, etc.
  7. She told me that info (about her ex) very secretly - although the other staff know, of course. I'm up sh*t creek if she stumbles across this forum - LOl!
  8. I spoke with my SA the day before she went to Paris. She stated that she had "written it up" SO and that everything would be fine and I was not to worry. So, we'll see what happens.
  9. At podium, the buyers for each store find out what skins and colors are available to them for bags in the new season. Each store has a quota based on projected sales; larger stores with greater bag sales will have more available to them. Once the buyer is back from Paris with the list, the SAs should be better prepared to indicate what is coming in and you may be able to put your name on one of those bags (!!). If there is a bag that you want, but which was unavailable at podium, you can try placing a SO and simply waiting until it's ready. SOs are separate from podium orders and may take longer to arrive.

    That was my understanding, at least.

  10. Has your store manager/SA returned from Paris?

    Any updates as to what leathers/colours were being offered?
  11. mine won't be back til the 17th, i believe.
  12. The SAs at my store don't know when mine's coming back, they said the manager may be going on vacation in Europe afterwards - which I think is a wonderful idea since she's already there for the Podium anyway:yes:
  13. My experience has been exactly what gina stated....
    When my SA and manager return from Paris (in a couple of weeks), they will have a list of what leathers in which colors are greenlighted/yellowlighted and then not-available at all, (Red-lights) for ordering for the July Podium within the USA. I have found that leathers/colors availability differ a bit from continent to continent....
    The green-light means it the leather and color are readily available and the yellow means it is available in limited supply. Let me know if this explaination is unclear.....
  14. How interesting... So, if something is green-lighted for the US, doesn't necessarily translate to the same thing in Australia, for eg? Why is this, I wonder? I mean, if something is available or being offered by Paris, then shouldn't it be available and offered to everywhere?
  15. ^^I think they allocate colors and leathers based on the local markets. For example, I was told by my SA in London that they hardly ever get any croc or ostrich compared to other stores (like... I don't know, Dubai, let's say), because their clients have more conservative tastes and don't typically go for the flashier skins.