Something I DIDN'T need but, HAD to have!

  1. i love the design! hope you feel better
  2. [​IMG]

    Totally cute scarf. I remember the Year of the Rat scarf as being so cute too.
    P.S. Wish I looked so good sick ATG. Feel better!!
  3. You wear that so well! I'm always looking for new ideas and this one is very cute.
  4. I'm a rat, too - a metal rat, no less! I doubt that H will be coming out with a carre in that theme anytime soon... lol

    A-T-G, it's gorgeous, and I hope it eases your discomfort and is soothing on your poor throat. :biggrin:
  5. Very pretty, ATG!! Hope you feel better soon!
  6. Lovely design! Also like the way you wear it, A-T-G! Take care and get well soon :smile:
  7. This is really beautiful... very oriental too...... may I know the size please?
  8. It looks great on you! I hope you feel better soon!
  9. love it - CONGRATS!!
  10. ATG,

    LOVE It!!! It is sooo cute. The red is such a happy color. I hope you feel better soon.

    The action shot is great too! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Hey robee!

    It's a pocket square, the smallest square scarf "H" has. I believe it's 35" square but, I could be wrong on the exact measurement!
  12. Hermes did the year of the rat and it very similar to the tiger. The rat is a cute mouse and overall if you have to be a rat then Hermes made a cute scarf for you.
  13. Cute! congrats!
  14. Cute gavroche A-T-G! Hope you are feeling better!
  15. Oh that's stunning!