Something I didn't know I needed...

  1. A glove holder! Yup, DH thinks I've gone off the deep end and that I ran out of things to buy when I got this, but as the proud owner of multiple "single" gloves due to their constant misplacement I thought I'd give this cute gadget a try. Here are some pix of solo, close-up of it clutching my H-gloves, and the overall look on my 35cm. You can't be squeamish about bunching your gloves together btw. The pro about this thing is that the chain seems to be all palladium, unlike the bag charm chain which is sterling silver and tarnishes.

    Anyone else have any other odd H-objects lying around? ;) I'll give it a try for a few weeks and report back.
    CIMG1667.jpg CIMG1669.jpg CIMG1670.jpg
  2. hehe thats so cute!
  3. & by the way i really love that heart cadena and of course, the bag :smile:
  4. Love it! That is so neat. And OMG...:nuts: the color of your bag is stunning.:tender:
  5. orchids,
    I'd seen it at my store but never figured out what it was supposed to clip. Thanks for posting!

    Is there anywhere you can attach inside the bag? Maybe on the handles but dangling inwards?
  6. Great idea! I still have one Burberry glove that I lost the mate to about 5 yrs. ago hoping it will find it's way back to me lol!
  7. Orchids - Thanks for telling me what that was. :confused1: I was always wondering, too? I thought it was a keychain?:nuts: Everything (your bag, the cadena and the glove holder)...All Look so elegant, and "LADYLIKE"!
  8. Oooh...MrsS--GOOD idea (ha, perhaps that's the way it's supposed to go eh?)...going upstairs to try this. Thanks Croissant, CB, MrsS and Shoes!
  9. That's both cute and handy!
  10. MrsS--you are a genius--this works a lot better than having your gloves hang off the bag--especially in bad weather. Here's a pic of the glove holder with the gloves *inside* the bag!
  11. Oh that is GENIUS!!! I love it and your bag!! (A bit more lady-like for us than those little clips our moms put on our mittens, huh?)
  12. orchids,
    ahhhh .... don't thank me like this :blush: what do I know? But I have to say putting it inside the bag means your heart cadena gets to be seen in its full glory. :P

    I wonder how else others use their H glove holder ????? Is this the only way?
  13. OOOOhhhhh! This is totally great and yet another item I won't be able to find in my store!!!! :cursing:
  14. ooooohhhh, that is great for winter! Great idea, :idea:
  15. What a cute idea! I must add that I love your Birkin orchids!!!