Something has happened...was a traditional MONO girl!

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  1. #1 Sep 28, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2010
    I have been collecting the traditional mono pattern least 15 years! I am still in love with it and it is still my favorite. I think I have had my fill for a little while...finally. Never thought that would happen. It feels strange. I thought I would NEVER buy another pattern, BUT now since being on TPF this year I am falling for Speedy's in Monogram Idylle, all of Vernis and a few Damier Ebene bags. You TPF'ers have such great style that my head has turned to the Vuitton other lines :graucho:

    My next bag is either the Damier Ebene Trevi PM or Monogram Idylle Speedy for my bday in November.

    Has this ever happened to you? Have you turned from your fave pattern? Did you go back?
  2. This same thing just happened to me recently, I was ALWAYS a monogram girl. I still love love monogram to pieces but have finally started loving Damier as well, I think its so rich and classy looking. I honestly thought I would never love Damier, I liked Azur but hated the Ebene ... now I have the speedy 30 in it (lol) Taste changes and a variety is always nice.
  3. You are right. Variety is nice. The thing is my family is flipping out. I am known for my MONO bags and SLG...they are shocked and confused by this new interest of mine. Even my kids are like...WHAT? Too funny.
  4. it is always nice to be open to new styles.... enjoy!
  5. I'm the same in a way. I was always into Ebene bags but now I'm liking Monogram and Vernis and looking forward to expanding my collection of these prints. I guess it's because of tpf plus the constant browsing of the LV website. I'm even looking into acquiring the discontinued styles in mono, vernis and multicolore! GULP!
  6. I was the opposite, lol. I NEVER was a monogram girl. I thought "I'll never buy monogram because it's too plain and boring." I got a mono Neverfull MM and was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. I recently got rid of it, but I will definitely get another mono piece at some point.
  7. I like several of the different styles...mono is of course the foundation but I can thoroughly enjoy most of the patterns. The only things are don't like are when a lot of bright or bold color is introduced as I am a bit more subtle.

  8. this is exactly what happened to me! I thought I would never love damier ebene, but Im getting my damier ebene speedy tomorrow for the winter! I think it will look super rich and classy with my new navy winter coat. :smile:
  9. i was always a mono girl and hated the damier print until about a week ago. now I want a damier speedy!!
  10. I've never been partial to any particular pattern ... I like them all!!
  11. I'm a Damier fan but lately i've been craving Mono. I have a mono pochette but I think I need at least one big mono bag in my collection.
  12. I was a mono person until i saw the Galliera in Damier Ebene! The understated damier print was given a bit of glamour with the Inventeur Plate! TDF! Also the Azur Eva...the plate brings it to life! It was all because of TPF though! :tpfrox:
  13. I started with Monogram but quickly moved to other lines because of the popularity of Mono. Damier always seemed masculine to me but it was the Trevi that converted me. We saw a woman on plane with it and I thought "I have to have that bag". Got it and now I am a Damier girl all the way! I have not totally abandoned Mono yet (have a Speedy and some SLGs) but Damier is my new love!

    So, when you gettin' your Trevi, huh??
  14. Same with me... I thought the Damier Ebene was more masculine but the Trevi converted me as well! Now if I had the choice between Ebene and Mono, I'd probably choose Ebene.
  15. It happens to the best of us. =]