Something happened with my Cerises Cles!

  1. I took it out just 2 minutes ago and I was going to use it today 'cos I havent used it in almost a year and to my surprise, I found it was REALLY DAMAGED!!! As in, the cherry prints are scratched you can barely see the little smiling faces anymore! The paint has come off!!!!!! Why would it do that???????????????? I thought only the "Groom" line paint came off, and also, I havent used the Cerises much at all!
  2. :push: I'm sorry! Wish I could offer anything but I've never even touched/seen anything in cerises line......
  3. was it stored in dust bag? was the metal part tucked in while stored? i am so sorry to hear that :crybaby:
  4. So sorry to hear this- like CC asked, was the metal touching the cerises?
  5. It was stored in the dust bag and then stored again inside the LV box but the top part of the box was open to let some air in. The metal part was hanging outside, therefore not touching the paint or the canvas. :sad:
  6. Man, I'm sorry to hear!
  7. Hmm... I have no idea why it would do that... :hrmm:

    However it is normal for chipping/fading to happen to these lines like CB/Cerises/Groom/Panda since they are silkscreen printed to the canvas. :smile:
  8. oh no! *hugs* so the paint just chipped off or scratched off? could it be it wasn't cleaned and dried before u store it? I know some cases that pp didn't clean and dired bag completely before storage, and next year find it molding or bubbly canvas.....
  9. No I take perfect care of my LV items and I'm pretty sure I let it dry before storing. The paint just chipped off and I'm so depressed. I LOVED those little smiling cherries!!! :sad::sad::sad:

    I use my Groom wallet daily and its still perfect condition. I hardly used the Cerises (maybe 3 times only) and its ruined!
  10. oh no! that us terrible. do you live in a humid or very changing area?
  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your cles!:sad:
  12. Yeah..ita.

    And also that's really weird how it would be so damaged from just being stored. I keep mine in my bag and it always rubs against everything in there. The only areas that have a tiny bit of chipped areas are the seams and they're not all that bad at all.
  13. that sucks.
    Sorry to hear that.
  14. i am sorry to hear that. :sad:
  15. That's odd, i've used mine a lot on the outside of my speedy and it hasn't rubbed at all! Is there a chance it was like that from the last time you used it and you just didn't notice?