Something H, something warm, something be dreamed about **New Eye candy on pg 32**

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  1. Didn't find the big box when entered my office this morning, guessing it maybe will arrive here tomorrow. Checking online, shows: delivered!!! - Shortly, I was told there is a package for me in the warehouse. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Can't wait until home. Pull out all the big and small boxes ~ you can see orange filled in my whole room! :P

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  3. Go doudou Go :woohoo:
  4. WooHoo!!!!
  5. Whoa, this looks to be quite a reveal! :yahoo:

  6. Holy Shmolies!
  7. Yippee!!!!!! Go baby go!!:woohoo:
  8. [​IMG]

    The story should begin from this pretty Bearn. I found it in Japan NRT airport duty free shop last summer and it became my love since I have it. Having a Birkin like this, is my dream. :tender:

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  9. Beautiful! What color is it?
  10. Sooo many boxes! Open open!
  11. I thought this color is called Gold, most classic and popular color of H. :P

    Three months later, I was told, I am totally wrong!! This is a color no longer offer in Birkin for a while, there is only one possible way to get my dream Birkin ~~ SO.

    My dear SA promised me that I sure will have a such opportunity, but it need wait until Feb. 2009. Whatever, I felt happy, finally I found chance to make an order, the dream is more closer. :drool:
  12. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. Gold Birkins by SO only. If that's true outside your store that's going to throw many ladies 'round here into a tail spin.

    Did your SA mean all gold or Gold Epsom like your Bearn?
  14. Until one day, I received an Email from my dear SA. Nothing in the mail except a shining Golden Birkin picture!!
    I can't wait one second and picked up the phone. It is she! It is somebody else's she! But now, she is mine!! How lucky I am, there are still one month to Feb, and without SO, she is mine now!!!!

    Here she comes, my dreamed 35cm Cognac Epsom Birkin with PHW~~

    1. Pic taken under White lighting:


    2. Pic taken with Flash light:

  15. Gorgeous birkin!!! I love how you photograph your bags and the fun borders!