Something Gold, Something Orange, Something Blue Jean

  1. As a Hermes lover, do you agree that you should have bags in gold, orange and blue jean in your collection? :s

    Or will you stick to your preference and get 2 bags in different styles of the same colour?
  2. I TOTALLY agree with you, but can I throw in black OR ebene? one of the dark colors would be a nice "roud-off"!:nuts: :yes:
  3. I'm onto black next. Once I get my black, I will move on to potiron and blue. Who knows what new colours would be coming out next ... that may add another new possibility.
  4. Thanks Avan and Mrssparkles for your input. Do you love a colour so much that you get it twice before adding others?
  5. Yes, my peko.

    Red - I have a Rouge Garden Party & a Rouge Garance JPG Birkin. But I have sworn off red for now, because I want a wide repertoire of H colours ...
  6. I think my answer is going to be absolutely predictable ... I don't need anything gold, orange, or blue ... I just need a bunch of fuchsias:nuts:

    My friend joked that I should change my username to Fuchsia Shocking, but I think that's too many Shhhhhhhhhh sound:lol:

    Anyways, I do think the gold is a very versatile color. The thing with fuchsia is that it tends to attract a lot of attention, which can be a bad thing sometimes
  7. I agree...I have a BJ Evelyne, an orange Ulysee, hmmm now I just need something gold. :lol:
  8. Oh dear.....I'm the one who'll buy two different styles in the same color! I could easily have a whole wardrobe of Hermes bags in......BLACK!!!
  9. There's absolutely nothing wrong with buying two different styles in the same color ... or three ... or four for that matter:P
  10. You read my mind. These're the exact three colours that I would ask for!! I had the same question earlier (sticking to ONE colour family) but after seeing the rainbow thread, I thought variety would be awesome too. Afterall, who makes wonderful rainbow colours other than Hermes.
  11. Nope! I don't have gold (well, I did, but I sold it) or blue jean because it is not a good color for me. I have navy (indigo?) box and turquoise chevre, but no blue jean. Mostly, though, I love colorful Hermes bags - orange, potiron, raisin, turquoise, red, vert anis, vert fonce, etc., but black is great, too!
  12. I love rouge and fuchsia.
  13. Already have something orange. Would LOVE something blue jean. I could pass on gold though. Would absolutely LOVE something in red! I'm also really liking marron fonce these days.
  14. i do beleive that every girl should have at least one birkin and one kelly. they're just timeless and classic. and the three colors mentioned (orange, gold and blue jean) are must-haves. but i would like to add black also. IMO.
  15. ^ agree, pazt. And as for colors, I'm one for three so far. I want a gold Bolide and a BJ evelyne.
    I'd also add Rouge H to the mix - VERY Hermes and a classic house color.