Something Girlish

  1. New lambskin flap at the Singapore store. Price is SGD3450. The black portion is in patent.

  2. cute!
  3. Yup, I think it's really pretty! :love:

    U would not have guessed that it is in lambskin. But the color and leather makes it hard to maintain though. That's why I don't think I would get it cos' I'm not good at taking care of bags... :hrmm:

    The SA says it also comes in black but I think the look would be totally different.
  4. I love this! i think I should try to give smaller bags a try because it looks so delicate and precious.
  5. What ia the name of this bag. I love it!!
  6. I think it's called Smocked.
  7. I saw this in the mini size in black. It was really cute and something different. I will definitely have to say the white one looks alot better.
  8. I Love Love Love Chanel in white!:drool:
  9. That's really cute... :tup:
    thanks for posting the pic!