Something fun to buy for $200-$250??

  1. I don't need the Mini Pochette Accessories that I ordered from Elux so what would be fun to exchange it for? Something in the $200-250 range
  2. A Wapity!!!!
  3. Yes!:nuts:
  4. A cles or a make up bag maybe?
  5. Yay wapity!
  6. not a wapity (i think they are too small)
  7. Could someone post a pic of their wapity with content? I wanna see what can fit in there. Thanks.
  8. i'd say a pochette cles or the 4-/6-key holder

    oh hang on, they might be the same thing

    well, you get my drift
  9. How about the cosmetics bag for $220? I love that!
  10. I like the Damier cosmetics bag! Really nice shape and I love Damier!
  11. i would get 2 pochette cles.
    a monogram and a mini monogram?
    or maybe an epi
  12. how about the Monogram Perforation Bandeau ($105) and a and a key and change holder ($145)
  13. No question - a wapity :love:
  14. :amazed: Sorry just realized you said no wapity. My second choice would be a makeup bag. Not sure of the $$ though.
  15. Could use the pochette that came with the bag as a make up. I would purchase coin case or cles or business card holder which can hold credit cards.
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