Something fun if bored...

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  1. I love going to the first couple of post in the RM thread and reading what people thought about RM before she started to become big and see some of the older leathers as well. One particular Mod who we all love wasn't as much of a RM fan back then as she is now so reading her comment made me chuckle a bit :P. Just thought I'd pass it on for those who hasn't done it yet.
  2. lol i want to know who it is!!! will you PM it to me?
  3. heheh yeah I was doing that too the other day! pretty funny. :smile:
  4. inquiring minds. . . :thinking:
    can't post that and then withhold information! LOL!
  5. Hehehe... Chucklin' here too.
  6. thanks for the PM daydrmer, it was funny.

    also, for inquiring's in the very first RM thread ever.
  7. *sigh*

    $475 for a MAB...
  8. :Push:
  9. LOL! It was a long time ago:yes:
  10. That was too funny!!!
  11. LOL that is too cute!! And now ofcourse they are good friends :hugs:

    On a side note- i was noticing, some of the really really really old posters never come in RM anymore!! Capricosha- i saw you've been into RM since the beginning- welcome back girlie!
  12. Sorry Guys :Push: I was away from my computer all day. But yeah like the other poster mentioned its in the first post. I noticed too that quite a few people who loved their RMs aren't around anymore. Hopefully they are still crazy about RM like we all are!