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  1. I was at Chloe Singapore today to look for a replacement zipper pull. So anyway, saw a LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY Python Paraty in Chocolate. I think it looks so much better than the black. TDF:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    The SA also let me know there they have one item which was left unsold after Dec 09 sale. That is a large Marlow in python - still on 50%. She said it comes up to S$3000+. I didn't ask if it is the upper or lower end of the $3,000+ but it is a good deal.
  2. WOW! It is unusual for the python to go on sale for 50% off. Can you use Valentine's Day as an excuse to buy yourself a present :graucho:
  3. p.s. for the U.S. girls (assuming Chloe Singapore would be willing to ship), the exchange rate is approx $S1 = $0.70...:smile:
  4. Can you give the contact info for Chloe Singapore? I'm very interested! TIA :smile:
  5. It is +65 6733 9559

    It is the python Marlow left over from last Dec 09 sale.
  6. snapcrackle - did you end up buying her? :smile:
  7. Oh no I couldn't! I asked around and everyone told me the python would be impossible to ship to los angeles (or anywhere in CA). I figured it was too much trouble even though it is a really good deal. Will just have to buy it instore around my area instead. That way, I might be able to talk myself into a python paraty instead. :lol:

    Thank you both for your help though!:heart:
  8. Yes....python paraty!! I say go for it! :woohoo: