Something for the Old Bag....and I don't mean me


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
Weird as this might sound....all my bags have a little something special I hang on them. For example, Heart Chain d'Amour now hangs on my Ruthenium HAC....Noisette Gulliver Kelly has a gold Pegasus and my Gold Birkin has this years Sailboat. Trim I with Pall has the Pall Heart lock.

I would like to find something special for my new Vintage black Box Kelly with Gold hardware....and because she's an oldy and I kinda want something as befits her stature in Corn or any kind of fruit thingy's. :rolleyes:

I could use some suggestions 'cause the only thing I can think of is one of the first charms made.....and I don't even know what that IS!
It is such an elegant vintage bag, I think a pochette is really the best look for it in a simple timeless pattern. One of the older ones as opposed to a new look like tohu bohu, the brides de gala would be good I think.
Hey!!Just had an about the Lion? King of the Jungle and the black box vintage is the Queen of the Kelly family!

Have you tried a charm on her to see if you even like the concept?
Oh, these are GREAT ideas!!!! I LOVE the idea of her going nekkid (actually, the old CROC goes completely nekkid except for her croc covered lock) but I also love the idea of the Chinese Lantern or the Shooting Star. I've gotta be on the look-out. These two charms are hard babies to find! Where's DQ when I need her!?!?!?!?!?