Something for the Old Bag....and I don't mean me

  1. Weird as this might sound....all my bags have a little something special I hang on them. For example, Heart Chain d'Amour now hangs on my Ruthenium HAC....Noisette Gulliver Kelly has a gold Pegasus and my Gold Birkin has this years Sailboat. Trim I with Pall has the Pall Heart lock.

    I would like to find something special for my new Vintage black Box Kelly with Gold hardware....and because she's an oldy and I kinda want something as befits her stature in Corn or any kind of fruit thingy's. :rolleyes:

    I could use some suggestions 'cause the only thing I can think of is one of the first charms made.....and I don't even know what that IS!
  2. Your heading are always the finest!!!! :p
  3. I think you should leave her nekked in all her glory!
  4. A Lantern,.. it's stunning in the GH
  5. I agree with Rose, keep the old bag nekkid for all the world to see!
  6. It is such an elegant vintage bag, I think a pochette is really the best look for it in a simple timeless pattern. One of the older ones as opposed to a new look like tohu bohu, the brides de gala would be good I think.
  7. japster will tell you..the beaver...
  8. Pegasus?? I have it in gold and it's so pretty....or what about the sun? Or shooting star??
  9. Hey!!Just had an about the Lion? King of the Jungle and the black box vintage is the Queen of the Kelly family!

    Have you tried a charm on her to see if you even like the concept?
  10. Gold shooting star or the lion!
  11. GT, well that's question:p
  12. Oh, these are GREAT ideas!!!! I LOVE the idea of her going nekkid (actually, the old CROC goes completely nekkid except for her croc covered lock) but I also love the idea of the Chinese Lantern or the Shooting Star. I've gotta be on the look-out. These two charms are hard babies to find! Where's DQ when I need her!?!?!?!?!?
  13. shopmom...I'd leave the old bag alone.;)
    The charms to me will make her :throwup: .
    She is beautiful in all her glory!:kiss:
  14. The lantern would look fabulous...or the shooting star. :love:
  15. Nekkid as a plucked chicken, I say...