Something for the men!

  1. They need Coach love too!

    Coach - CAR KEYFOB[​IMG]
  2. Cute....if only it was a Corvette......
  3. Cute. They do have Coach love for men. My dad has 2 coach wallets, a pair of signature loafers, and sandals.
  4. my roommate recently joined TPF, and we were looking at things today...

    he's totally obsessed with flip flops, so like the girl he is, he's getting the flip flops AND the flip flop keyfob lol...

    he wants these way bad, and is SO getting them!

    he's the flip flop queen, he must have it.

    his name on here is mr.dooney
  5. my bf doesnt like anything in the men's line....but i would have loved to get him that key fob and he said "only key chain that can ever go near my keys is something from BMW" --->oh well at least i tried!
  6. How about this one for the guys?
    Coach - LEVEL KEYFOB

    (would add a picture here if only I knew how!)
  7. flash.jpg
  8. LOL! I have that flip flop keychain myself!

    I do love that car key chain as well.. :graucho:
  9. My mom got my BF that for his birthday and he LOVES it....what is it with interactive toys that attracts boys ;) haha
  10. Aarti, he's insisted on it! lol i will def. have to get pix of him with his murse (messanger bag ;) MAN PURSE lmao) and his new keyfob and flips when he gets them! he's SO PSYCHED!
  11. hehe. i swear, i'm gonna buy that level- just to play with it.
  12. he told me he wanted that too, after seeing it lol, his keychain will be purty :yes:
  13. my bf really like the skull coach chain he loves wearing skull clothing it just worked
  14. i think the zodiac signs are pretty unisex too...:yes:
  15. my bf has a coach billfold, but it's so worn and beat up that the little coach logo in the corner is hard to see.