Something for spring … my Valentine’s Day Gift for Mrs. P

Oct 24, 2007
It’s been a very cold winter and this touch of spring may be just what the doctor ordered…and appropriately Apple is her name! Perfect color to complete her Birkin rainbow desires!
Millstream’s chartreuse was just beautiful but apparently very difficult to obtain, according to our SA. We’ve never ever seen one IRL actually. The Petpringles family turned down a Vert Anis offered to us just post holiday season. But because of holiday vacation over expenditure (always happens), it was the right decision to make at that time….however I know Mrs. P did not like that decision…I wasn’t about to commit the same mistake twice by turning it down again. Thanks to my lobotomy...reasoning kicked in! OUCH!

Mrs. P opening the H box!

And trying it on for size...

Yeah...I like it! Thanks DH!

Hey it looks good with this scarf she tells me!

Do you this wallet makes it look too fruity she asked!

Yeah...Lemon and Lime I said! Very "citrusy"...Carmen Miranda-ish... She doesn't care...she's ready for Maui she claims!


Oct 24, 2007
Thanks dou.dou!

So when I got a call from the H boutique, I swooped in like a hungry vulture. Sorry it’s not vert chartreuse but green enough for sure! It wasn’t a hard compromise at all as she’s really always admired vert anis from a far. She was ready to pounce on a 32 Vert Anis Kelly while in Costa del Sol last summer so I know it would like this one! I drove through the snow to the next state to catch her Hermes bag.

Looks like she's one happy camper...

Taken with flash...above and below...



Sep 16, 2007
Such a to die for collection & this addition to the family fits right in perfectly.You guys did fantastic!


MPH=Miu Prada Hermes
Jul 27, 2007
Los Angeles area
What a wonderful DH you are!! Cograts Mrs. petpringles!!!! Enjoy the new birkin along with the birking family!!! They look amazing alltogther!!!!!


Aug 31, 2008
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! I Love your DW's collection!!! The best colors in my favorite size!!!
Perfect gift!!!
So, pretty DW:queen:... the best DH (you):king: ...and Birkins!!!:drinkup:

Oh, and LLADRO!!!!!!!!:love:
Oct 24, 2007
Thanks suedoc! Thanks Diva999!

Meet Apple…Mrs. P’s latest. 35 cm Birkin with PHW in Togo leather…something to hold her through until arrival of her Fuchsia Birkin whenever that is and we are not holding out breaths for that one!

Anyway, while at a boring board room meeting, my blackberry rings…I stepped outside to answer as I know it was H boutique calling (ID caller…love it!). “I have wonderful news for you…!” I answered “I’ll take it!” without hesitation. This is the first Birkin we got from that H boutique store…perhaps a new supplier to the PP family?

Looking back, it’s funny how Mrs. P just wanted to have one, just one Birkin!
That was about a little over a year ago! YIKES! What she doesn’t know is that there is only one more Birkin for this year’s budget! Ha-ha…Please no one tell her!

Thank you for sharing our excitement...that Vert Anis works perfectly well with the rest of the collection. As PBC would say...the rainbow color of ...
S K I T T L E S!!!



Jan 29, 2007
Oh my gosh....the Vert Anis is so beautiful and a wonderful addition to Mrs. P's collection. I had just started my reveal, but when I saw this....well I just had to stop and visit!


Apr 19, 2007
London UK
You are truly 1 in a million!! Mrs PP looks delightful!! I remember when you joined the site and asked about getting a birkin!! My goodness you and Mrs PP have come so far!! It is wonderful that you take the time to provide us with pictures and tales of the birkin chase!!!:drool:

I love your full rainbow of colour!!!! Thanks for sharing!! Oh and I love the look of your home!!!:yahoo:


Apr 28, 2007
oh! perfect color for a perfect new addition to the petpringles birkin family!!! :faint:

I loooooooooove Apple... very Spring.