Something for My Sister

  1. Dear wise ladies of the Hermes forum, I need some suggestions. I am feeling so worried and stressed that I can't concentrate. My sister just called me sounding very shakened and told me that she was in a very bad car accident. I'm going to go off tangent for a bit because I need to get this off my chest, but I PROMISE that this will get back on topic.

    My sister told me not to come get her and not to tell my parents what happened. But from what I was told, she was driving her Volvo and she was switching lanes. She looked over her shoulder and made sure there was no cars around before she made the lane change. Then out of nowhere, a Ford SUV (from 1995) slammed into her car from the side. Her entire backdoor was now dented very badly and she was feeling majorly sore (going to the hospital already). What was disturbing was there was NO CAR when she made the lane change, that guy just came out of nowhere. And as soon as the car accident happened, another car drove up behind them and a kid jumped out and said he saw what happened.

    My sister thought it was strange because both the car that hit her and the "witness" seem to know each other. Neither party could speak English and they definitely look acquainted. After the cop took down the info, they went on their own way. My sister said she couldn't be sure what the witness sadi because all the exchange was done in Spanish. But I'm really worried about my sister's health condition, the condition of her car, as well as the accident ... I've read about the ongoing scams where people create a car accident to make money, this seemed like one of those cases ...

    :back2topic: Anyways, to get this back onto Hermes, do you ladies have any suggestions on what to get my sister to make her feel better? She's more casual than I am, and she doesn't wear scarves. She's also not into jewelries or shoes. She has a wallet that she's used for a while and it's still in mint condition, so it's unlikely she'll want a new one. What can I get her?

    Edit: Put the picture at the wrong paragraph. I'm very out of it:Push:
  2. Kou,

    I am glad that your sister is relatively OK!!!! This could have been a lot worse! And you're right it does sound like a scam, I hope the police will investigate.

    Maybe your sister would like one of those leather bangles with either PH or GH, like the Jumbo? Or the Hapi? They're not really 'jewellery' and have a very casual chic.

    I am so glad that she has no broken bones!!!
  3. Kou,

    Wow, that sounds really scary.... Hope your sister is OK.

    I am sorry, but I can 't think of what would be nice for your sister...
  4. Kou, I'm so sorry this happened to your sister! But, there are a couple of things she can do to make sure she is not found liable for damages resulting from an improper lane change (in the likely event that the other driver makes a claim against her). First, make sure she tells her side of the story to her insurance company. Next, tell her to go down to the local police station (where the accident occurred) and get a copy of the accident report. If there is anything in the report she does not agree with, she can try to have the report amended.

    I hope she is feeling better soon. The day after the accident is usually the worst, I'm afraid. How about a Dogon key pouch to cheer her up?
  5. Oh NO! Thank God she's going to be ok though. That's the most important thing. Make sure the police investigate and that there's a police report!

    As far as a little "feel better" gift from Hermes, perhaps a key chain? Or a pochette? I know you said she's not into scarves but these pochettes are so cute tied on purses and as a head-band. Just a thought.....
  6. Very scary for your sister. All good thoughts are directed her way:flowers:

    How about a Twilly? She can tie it on her handbag and every time she looks at it, it will be a reminder of your love and consideration for her.:heart:
  7. Ditto.

    Kou, you might not need to get anything Hermes for your sister. Maybe your presence would be the best gift for her right now...just a thought :flowers:
  8. Poor you and your sister....just lots of love and support im sure she will be very shaky for a :sad: few days
  9. Kou - I am so sorry about your sister. I am sending hugs your way. Hang in there...:flowers:
  10. I'm glad she's okay - just be there for her!
  11. Kou.. i wish ur sister fast recovery!!

    Does it have to be hermes, u can always get her chocolate.. its magic!!
  12. ^Chocolate Fondue???
  13. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister's accident. I hope she is okay. I am a court reporter in NYC and I do a lot of depositions regarding staged accidents. It's very disheartening to see the lenghts people will go to to make money. As for a gift for your sister, perhaps she would like perfume. I LOVE the new scent, Rose Ikabana.
  14. I'm glad that your sister is fine ... that's terrible though what happened!

    Maybe you can get her a belt? She might use one with her jeans!
  15. Kou, so sorry to hear about your sister's accident. I'm glad she's wasn't more seriously hurt! As for a little something, how about the leather keychain that's on Carmen key ring, I think it's called? Or maybe a small card case? Hope everything works out for your sister!