Something for me...something for my RAOK partner!

  1. Since my regular Coach boutique was out of the two things I wanted to buy last night, I stopped by the Stanford store (I wanted instant gratification, LOL)...

    so I came home with a Medium Signature Stripe Beauty Case in black and white, and something for my RAOK buddy! I wonder what's inside!! :graucho:


    I also got some new shoes for summer...can't wait to wear them!


    These are the Evelina Slide in Khaki/Parchment.

    Woo-hoo!! :yahoo:
    sigstripecase.jpg evelina.jpg
  2. Wow! Gorgeous! Love those slides!
  3. How do the slides fit? I have wide feet and high arches. Are they more narrow or average?
  4. They are a little narrow, but not so much to annoy me. I had to go a half size larger though. I usually wear a 9 and got the 9.5 (which is weird since the wedges I have are 8.5)
  5. Gorgeous shoes! And the black/white stripe is really growing on me! Very pretty!
  6. Cute slides and nice beauty case! Congrats! Your RAOK partner is a lucky girl!
  7. yay!!!! can't wait for your RAOK partner to post pics!!!
  8. Well this gift will be going out towards the end of the month...but I know she will be excited!!
  9. yay! it was as much fun shopping for my raok partner as it was for myself - can't wait to see what you got yours!
  10. Love the shoes!! I've been wanting those since I first saw them, but I want to try them on first.
  11. What a teaser! But I am finding that when I have been shopping my buddy is asking for things I wouldn't buy but now that I have bought them I WANT IT!! One of the things I bought I really do think I am going to have get another one.
  12. ^^ LOL! Me too! I'm finding stuff that I didn't want before but when I see it, I end up wanting it! I think it's fun when someone posts a box in the background too because then you wonder... is that for me??? :graucho: heehee!
  13. Super cute! Congrats!

  14. true that, true that! only time will tell.:sweatdrop: