Something followed me home today...

  1. ...Can anyone tell me what it is?? :shame:

    After seeing all the gorgeous pictures of the medium lux. bowler and the CB Tote, I decided to see if they had one in store for me. Well, much to my disappointment, they don't even carry the CB tote in HK and the deerskin lux bowler is all sold out in black :crybaby: :hysteric: I waited too long.

    I then saw this baby sitting all by it's lonely self and decided to take it home. It was such a steal too! :wlae:

    So now back to the question..WHAT did I bring home?


    (Please let me know if you need better pics)

    THANKS!! :flowers:
  2. Simply gorgeous...the size is just wonderful...u bought this in HongKong??
    Can u furnish the price..if it's OK??? Thanks
  3. Thanks Dleesy! I bought this in Hong Kong for HKD 8500 which is approx. USD 1090
  4. Congrats! It is very nice!
  5. VERY the CC on the sides:smile:
  6. I love it. I have not seen this before. What is it called and what is it made of?

  7. LOVE it!!!!! Not what sure what it is though!
  8. ^^looks like it's nylon? like Prada or Kate Spade{?}

    Cute bag!:yes: What does the box/tag say?
  9. soo cute! i love the style, CONGRATS!! hehe
  10. So very cute! What's the retail in US?
  11. Hey guys!

    Swanky: I looked for a tag or a label on the box and there isn't ANY! I bought it from a freestanding Chanel shop (they don't have Chanel shops in Dept. stores here) so maybe that's why?

    TammyD: I bought it for about US$ 1090

    And yes, the material is nylon with leather everything else. I looked throught the Chanel reference library and I couldn't find it there. It came in about 2 months ago.

    Since it even stumped you girls, I guess I'll never find out what followed me home! LOL! :biggrin:

    ETA: They had a few other styles which were VERY similar to this but in leather. It kind of looks like a Cloudy Bundle....def. huggable!
  12. lol, love the title of this thread and your doggy is so adorable!!
  13. Congrats! Love it!
  14. thanks Jennifer! :flowers: