Something fishy...seller and bidder contacts me.

  1. I recently bought a pair of jeans on eBay, and I was about to pay for them when i saw that I had 4 messages in my eBay inbox. 2 from one of the bidders and 2 from the seller. The seller kept asking me how am i going to pay for these jeans...which is perfectly fine. But i saw the bidder emailed me during the auction to ask me how much i want the jeans for.. ok wat??? I see theyre both located in s. california and the seller's acct was opened just recently...and had sold nothing only bought 3 things. The other bidder's acct had 14 feedbacks and she had one negetive feedback from selling a fake coach bag (and she openly admitted that she did not that state the coach bag was authentic in the reply to her feedback.)
    So now my question is; is there something fishy going on??!?! I know i'm protected through eBay abd paypal and all, but i dont want to waste me time with paying for something, then getting it (or maybe not even getting anything) finding its fake and having to go through all the trouble.
  2. Do not pay the seller has shill bid the items up!!!

    I have 2 accounts one for buying and one for selling, occasionaly they can cross. So someone ask me a question i see it in my hotmail email reply, but am actually logged in to my buying ebay account so the message gets sent from there!

    Post the auction link here so I can look and confirm for you!
  3. This is a tough one. It sounds like both the seller and buyer are the same person. However, if you cannot prove this is a shilling bidding to eBay and you don't pay, you will receive a none-paying strike.
  4. I would prefer a non paying strike against me than being conned in a shill bidded auction.

    Please post the auction links so we can investigate and report if needs be!
  5. this is the auction link:

    the bidder with the name starting with "a" was the one who contacted me...and now that i look at it, the seller bought these jeans just a few days before listing it and the bidder that contacted me also bidded on those jeans. Wat is going on!?!? I'm new to ebay...after a few years off from ebay. I also noticed the seller contactd me the minute the auction ended asking how i'm going to pay for the item...asking if i need a total for the item from paypal.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
  6. That definitely sounds fishy to me as well. I'd rather have a non-paying strike personally. Doesn't sound worth it. But let others investigate and confirm for you. Hope it works out.
  7. It does sound very fishy! Maybe the bidder that contacted you meant to say "how much do you want for the jeans?" and wants to buy the jeans from you. I've won auctions before where the person who was bidding against me messages me and tells me they really want the item and would be willing to buy it from me for more than I paid. Maybe she's doing this because she lost out on the jeans twice. If that's not the case, then it sounds like shill bidding. I would report it to ebay and take the non-paying strike.

    On another note- when I was looking at both feedbacks, I looked at the fake Coach bag the other bidder sold, and that is such a horrible fake!
  8. I'm probably on the wrong trail of thought, but is it possible that the other bidder just really wanted the jeans and was hoping you'd let her have them? I've followed auctions before where I've wanted something bad, but I didn't win it, but I'd personally never contact the winner (although I've had someone contact me before, wanting an item I won). Instead I'd just look out for another item, which could be what she did, and it so happens it's the buyer of the jeans she bid on (perhaps the jeans didn't fit, they are tiny. Lucky you to be so slender).

    Also, the seller is new, plus you are a zero feedback buyer, so perhaps she was nervous about the whole transaction and wanted to check you were legitimate and not just a new buyer who wasn't going to pay.

    Just a thought.... maybe I think too nicely of people! If it's shill bidding then I'm very disappointed. It's such a dirty way to do business.
  9. Why don't you contact the seller and tell him/her the second highest bidder really want this pair of jeans so you are willing to let her have it. You could even offer the seller to pay the $2.50 difference if that matters.
  10. After looking at the bid history of the bidder, I think she is legit and probably desperate at this point to get these jeans.
  11. The seller cookie01299 brought the jeans on 30 Nov from ilovedior only her and adrianayala00 bid
    Cookie01299 then sold them to you on 5 dec
    where again adrianayala00 bid

    ilovedior sells fakes all fakes!
    cookie01299 has had an auction removed if you look at her feedback so that may have been fake!
    adrianayala00 also sells fakes!

    All seem to live in the same area. Ive not got time till later to check if they have bid on any more of each others items. I really would avoid!
  12. I tip my hat to your investigative skills.
  13. designermummy thank you for so much help! I didnt even look that close myself, i just felt that something was wrong when i saw that one of the bidders contacted me asking how much i want for he jeans...i felt like i was getting teamed up on.
  14. I was curious and tried to look at all the info as I have been the victim of shill bidding. Some of the links didn't work, but the ilovedior link worked and I don't understand how you came to the conclusion that they sell fakes. From the listings that I saw, it is all moderately priced jeans. The seller has 100% positive feedback. What is the makes you think that?
  15. I'm not worried about ilovedior's auction at all, but shes or he is not the person i won the bid from, its the person that bought those jeans from ilovedior...apparently the bidder that contacted bidded on both items and now she/he is asking me how much i want the jeans for...which i really dont understand.