Something fishy is going on.....

  1. I have 2 eBay IDs. The week before Christmas I listed a black Chanel bag on eBay ID "A". Buyer "X" made me a best offer and I ended the auction for them. After ending the auction, I sent out an invoice and never heard back from this buyer again. So I blocked buyer "X" on both my accounts, relisted the bag, and sold it.

    Last week I listed another Tan Chanel bag with a my eBay ID "B" and surprise, surprise....Buyer "X" emails me with a best offer. At this point, she has no idea that Seller "A" and "B" (me) are one and the same. Instead of answering her emails, I just deleted them. Well, my auction ended last night with no buyers and this morning I listed it again. Buyer "X" emails me again this morning and wants to know why I won't respond to her emails and why she is blocked from making an offer. I email her back and told her that I don't have time for non-serious bidders who are messing with people's auction. She wrote back and apologized and said that she didn't get my emails, don't even remember which auction I was talking about and that Christmas was a hectic time for her and that is why she didn't get my emails.

    So I save all of my ebay emails....just in case. I just pulled up all the emails from her and here's the fishy part......she signed each email with 3 different names!

    Mary M******
    Maria C******
    Kristen K*****

    Each of these names had a different email address but the SAME ebay ID!!!! :confused1:

    Is there a chance that her account could have been hacked? Should I call ebay regarding this?
  2. If it smells fishy, looks fishy, feels fishy... then it's definitely a stinky FISH!. Go with your gut on this one... re-list the item.. and keep an eye out for her.. (if thats possible w/ her diff. email addresses) Call ebay and inform them of her.. that way they could possibly keep an eye on her activity.

    Re-list the item, and don't bother selling it to her. Good luck!
  3. yep, does sound fishy indeed. i'd call ebay and inform them of the situation
  4. So I just called ebay and Jason, the rep said to forward all the emails to spoof at ebay. He said definitely not answer anymore of the emails because it does sound very strange. Now I just have to figure out how to forward everything on 1 email. :confused1:
  5. How odd. Keep us posted.