Something fishy going on!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi I wonder if you experts on eBay can give me your opinion on this item.:confused1: It is for a LV scarf that has just been listed item number 190186380359 the photos on this listing seem very similar to a listing that ended on the 12/25 item number 170179733415. On both listings the photos are taken on a wooden floor that is identical (strange place to lay a £500.00 scarf) also the seller of the scarf that ended 12/25 has a very low feedback and again really strange one of the only people she has feedback from is the sellers of the scarf that has just been listed. Do you think it is a fake :tdown:or looking at the bidding on the first scarf it looks like she may have been doing some self bidding:cursing: to try and get the price up and it did not work and she ended with the scarf. Anyway what do you all think?????
  2. check out the receipts and the black marking lines that block out the info....different lenghts of the 4 lines comparong them...
    I don't think they are the same scarf....just my opinion....
  3. Yes I agree the receipt is different but that infact worried me more. The chances of two photos being so similar and the buyer being in the same location (ie scotland), it worries me that they did infact sell the first scarf and now they are now selling another one but trying to conceal the fact by selliing under a different ebayer, why would they do that if the scarfs were real???? What about the fact also that the first seller has feedback from the second seller all this is just too odd.
  4. I think it's the same seller .. or people working together...
    The floor and the white wall look EXACTLY the same.
    Even the text description is the same !!

    Maybe email the seller and inquire -- there might be a good explaination? I would definitely ask if the pictures are of the actual item. Reference the closed thread and state that the pictures look like they were taken at the same place.
    Honestly though, I'd probably just stay away
  5. Oh!! and one more fishy thing to add -- they spelled "Vuitton" wrong in the listing title. ("Vuuitton") I think that people that sell counterfeits/fakes do this so that they don't get checked by eBay...

    This seller/sellers are up to no good... :tdown:
  6. Thanks I thought it was just bad spelling, I never knew that, how shrewd of them. Do you think I should report them to eBay before somebody else pays nearly £500.00 for a dodgey scarf.:tdown:
  7. Yes I would try to report as "fraudulent item" and put in the description why .... they are definitely in cohoots, if not the same person!

    Good catch!!!
  8. God what is going on now there is another fake LV scarf being listed tompoppins1(15) item number 270199535534 they have stolen the photos from rojorel34 item number 130183939121 the listing has also be stolen!!!!!!!!!!!!:cursing:she has quite a few bids already as the photos and the listing have been stolen she may not even have a LV scarf to sell I want to stop her NOW!!!!!!!:cursing:
  9. Click on Report this item and then choose the option for Fraudulent listing. Choose "You Believe this item is fraudulent but you didn't bid", and then include ALL of the auctions you have referred to in this thread.
  10. I have reported both cases yesterday, eBay have done nothing yet!!!!!:confused1: