Something Exotic from across the sea. . .mission (im)possible!


Sep 9, 2006
xi_captain and MM, thank you for the compliments on the dress. I have to get cracking on the rest of my spring dresses. . .I have so much fabric!

Iluv, I guess I got the sewing gene from my great grandmother, never met her, but apparently I'm just like her right down to my love of "sculpting fabric". And yes, the ostrich is more smooshy than the lambskin. I didn't expect it to be, in fact I would have assumed the opposite. Its very supple:heart:.

Telicious, I did have a lambskin BB in orchid but I just sold it. I couldn't justify keeping both(though they would have looked amazing sitting next to each other on my shelf ;) ). Its such a great bag, I hope a variation on it returns for a future season. . .

Indi, you need a BB!

Sarah, I think you need to start a "SarahP-MJ-head-shot" thread where we all post pics of our collections on our heads! Wouldn't you agree Roon? Hmmmm?

Tad, ITA, this bag really is just so darn pretty! I think its the most feminine bag I have.

Shop, Tiger, Rachie, Dawn, Cheryl, Smooches, BL, Bigbag, Izz and Coach, thank you so much for all the sweet compliments, you know its love when a bag makes you want to be really silly, dress up, and strut around in fron of a camera!

And Beany, thank you, thank you, thank you:nuts:!
i love the way ostrich looks, but the way it feels still freaks me out.
Jun 25, 2008
OMG, spacey, I love the head shots!
Girl, you are building one classy collection :okay:
How about a family shot?


fashion ruckus
Dec 4, 2007
Planet Spacejace
Thank you Shop, Schmuley, Mysky, Jenny, and Joke! I think its the bag that makes me look presentable;)

Karm and MM, I might get a family shot together after a spring purchase. . .whatever that ends up being:nuts:!


Truly Blessed!
Jul 22, 2007
In Purse Heaven
Spacey, how happy and thrilled you look! You're so beautiful and that stunning bag looks fab on you. Congrats to you, I am truly happy for you.


Jan 15, 2008
what a find, it's gorgeous and you look so happy! this is truly a one of a kind bag!! congrats to you!