Something Everyone Should Know About Paypal!

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  1. I recently opened a dispute with paypal for an item significantly not as described. Everything seemed to be going well and the seller was apparently very sorry for her mistake, etc. So she wanted to issue a partial refund and asked me to close the claim. I said I was not comfortable closing the claim until I received the refund. She refunded the whole transaction which then automatically closes the paypal claim and asked me to pay her the outstanding balance. As the transaction was pending I decided I would refund her once the funds had cleared. This morning I received a email notifying me the refund had failed! I called paypal and apparently the seller had canceled the refund and now the paypal claim is also closed as she issued a refund. The rep had the audacity to tell me the only thing I had left to do was contact the seller and the claim even though the refund had failed would not be re-opened. Where the hell is my paypal protection?? So ladies if you ever file a paypal claim escalate it to a claim and don't dilly dally with resolution!
    Thankfully I paid with my Amex whom I will be contacting momentarily.
  2. Hi--I know you must be upset, but I had trouble understanding your post. This happened because it was a dispute and not a full claim? Why were you refunding her when she was the seller?
  3. thanks for the heads up!
  4. :wtf: !!!!!!!! Thanks for the warning!
  5. I'm sorry--I'm still confused. What is it we're being warned not to do?
  6. If you file a claim with paypal and you're waiting for a refund from a seller, do not close the claim until you're sure that the funds have been transferred back to you.

    After you close the claim with paypal, they are under no further obligation to assist you. Their policy. Yes, they suck but with eBay you basically have no choice but to use them.
  7. Oh, wow. I see, I understand. And I THANK you for the input. My claims have always gone well with paypal, but then again, I never close the dispute! It takes me forever afterward to finally go ahead, make a sentence/statement, then actually close it! I guess that's a good thing!

    Let us know how amex follows up with this! I hear they are great in a claim, but I've not heard a first hand account.

    Good luck, keeping my fingers crosessed for you!
  8. She says that since the seller "refunded" the whole amount, the claim automatically closed. It can't be reopened. Then either the refund was cancelled or the seller's funds bounced. So she is out the $$$. I think you should call PP and ask for the appeal e-mail address.
  9. I just have to say that their Paypal customer service really sucks. I try to deal with them on some issues and they have NO idea what they are talking about!
  10. Oh NO! That seems pretty sneaky, IMO... was this an experienced seller? If so, I wouldn't be suprised if they knew what they were doing with the refund/closing claim situation. I hate to be a naysayer, but... I've lost idealism when it comes to eBay :sad: Keep us posted.
  11. Hi I was just reading this post & decided I should contribute with my experience which might help sellers. I thought it was safe to ship to a confirmed address but have just had a chargeback claiming fraudulent use of the buyers account, Paypal have taken my money & the goods are on their way to the buyer! My advice is do not ship after Paypal payment unless the buyer has loads of feedback, this is sad for new ebayers who are honest we all had to start without feedback & needed someone to trust us but unfortunately paypal always seems to come down on the side of the scammer!:sad:
  12. BagAngel, Paypal's policy is to protect sellers with premier accounts against chargebacks if you send to a confirmed address as long as you have 1) delivery confirmation for items under $250 in value or 2) signature confirmation for items over $250. I converted to the premier account a long time ago. I think pretty much all sellers who accept credit cards via paypal have premier accounts even if they don't know it.
    Of course you didn't personally fraudulently use the buyers account. Someone else did and that's paypal's problem if they confirmed the address. Weird that the address was confirmed but it can happen. The one time this happened to me was because the buyer's husband was clamping down on his wife's eBay shopping spree. That's why the address was confirmed. I was spared a chargeback because I had a priority mail delivery confirmation. Another seller was not so lucky--they were out the goods and the cash.
  13. Any way to intercept at the Post Office? Call the PO where it is supposed to be delivered from. See if they will stop it.
  14. Hi Adoptastray, Yes i have a premier account. I tried the Royalmail website tonight to see how I can get a proof of signature for delivery but they are only giving me the option to obtain it for UK items. I will call them tomorrow to enquire.
    I was thinking the same thing probably a row between husband & wife or an ex girlfriend used account! I am hoping perhaps the item won't be accepted & will come back to me but that is doubtful!
    Noshoepolish, I don't think you would be allowed to intercept Royalmail, but good idea thanks if it would work :smile:
  15. thanks for sharing.