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Sep 4, 2007
Hi everyone,

Ive got a day, parttimer and twiggy and a handful of citys, I want a change, so I'm looking to head for WORK or maybe a POM POM? this style a keeper?

I'm also torn between the Gh and the Rh...hopefully it will be in anthra or black...

please advise the pros and cons, or any other styles tat u really lurrvv:biggrin:


Jan 25, 2010
Hi there,
I absolutely love the work style, I think it's very chic with any outfit ! I have 2 RH and a GSH and I must say, I love both styles, but the RH is lighter which is really comfortable if you decide to carry a lot. The work has no strap, I usually carry it on my arm, and sometimes on my shoulder (it fits perfectly with no coat).
Good luck deciding !!


Jan 16, 2006
I have a work with giant hardware and while I love it, it can get heavy. I personally like the giant hardware on bigger bags. I love the size of the work but wish it has a strap. I tried the pom but the bottom stuck out oddly way from my body when I wore it, maybe that softens with use??? I really like the bag but felt that was kinda weird on me, but I am sure there are plenty of pom users that can brag on this bag. It always looks awesome on everyone. I might try it again one day but for now, I NEED a pt!!! :smile:


Jul 20, 2008
Work is ideal if you love big bags. I have 1 in EB SGH, w/c I love & keep for now because I love the color & leather so much though it's a little big on me. It's great for traveling too. .

The Pompom is way too big & deep for me, maybe you should wait for the new Mini Pompom, it looks so adorable in the photo, I think it's a great size.
Sep 4, 2007
I decided i dont want to miss out on the anthra. Not sure if it'll be still available.. so the bags i can only find are the RH Velo, twiggy, and city with RGH.
I'm defo on a long ban after this...

I'm so torn... which one girlies?


Apr 5, 2009
I think their are 2 major differences between the Work and the Pom Pom. With the Work you have no shoulder strap the Pom Pom dose. The second one being the Work has a top zipper and the Pom Pom has a pull closure, so you could potentially lose a item out of the Pom Pom if it's not closed all the way but I doubt it's really that much of a problem but for some that might be a concern. I think a Work with GH might be a pain to carry around a lot since you don't have a shoulder strap, but that's JMO. Anthra seems like it's sticking around for now at least but every Antrha is a little bit different. So far I really like the F/W 2010 Anthras I've seen. If your looking for a Bag with a long shoulder strap that could be worn crossbody then you should definitely look into the Velo or Town. They are very similar the Town is kind of like a mini Velo so you you don't carry a lot that may be better suited for you but if you tend to carry more or like having the option of carrying more when needed the Velo would be good too. The nice thing I think about the Velo & Town is you can either wear it crossbody or carry it by the handles. Or another style I haven't seen posted much on here yet is called the Strategy its new for the F/W season. It's kind of squarish like the Velo but it's smaller and has a shorter strap than a Velo but longer than a City or Part Time(I think I didn't actually measure it but comparing where it sat on my based on what I have). It also has handles as well. I saw a CGH one in Barneys and totally fell for it. It looks small but it's pretty roomy, and even though it's pretty squarish I can see it breaking in very nicely. This thread has a pic of a CGH strategy(in Papeete) in it, when I initially saw it I didn't like it but once I took all the stuffing out of it I loved it. It also has a pic of a RH Strategy(in Nacre) so you can see what it looks like with out all the stuffing it looks completely different! It's post 1251 in here

Nancy in VA

Bal & Legacy Lover
Aug 21, 2006
I recently aquired a velo and a town and I love them both. I am tall and love the long strap even when I am not wearing them cross body. The velo is perfect for everyday for me and I wear the town when I am out and about - for example I went to a parade yesterday and the town looked great on my crossbody with just my wallet, keys, cell phone, small brush and sunglasses in it.
The town also has two little extra pockets on the inside which I like. I think the town looks like a slightly larger first on a long strap - very cute and the velo is kinda like a slightly smaller city with a long strap and is taller with a cool saggy casual look.
Sep 4, 2007
The issue with me is that i dont like to buy black Bals, as i have to many black bags in other designers. I do love bals for their amazing colours and really wanna go for a work but worried about buying it in a 'pop colour' with it being a big bag.

I also love my bals to be different.. so no 2 colours the same for me, cos to the untrained eye of my family and friends, its the same bag:confused1:....

my inventory is
Tempete day sgh, Officer ggh parttime, truffle ggh city, pommier rh city, poupre rh city and magenta twiggy.. oh yes plus new sorbet sgh money too... what colour work would you add? its so difficult cos theres too much choice.

I like the work with Rh more on everyone. But i'm finding myself hard to pull away from the Anthra RGGH combo..

CITY is available in that combo, but i already have 3 and want to branch out to other styles.

I've just seen SAFF'S envelope clutch in Anthra rggh, is soo divine... hhmmm i dont have a clutch yet:graucho: I think it'll be really hard to get this clutch right...