something cute to share

  1. I've been meaning to post this but keep forgetting I guess.
    Anyhow, I took my DD on a little Mommy and Me trip during her Spring break this year, she's in Kindergarten and completely adorable!:love: {ooops, off topic, sorry:shame:}
    She wasn't feeling great but still wanted to go. . . it was a 3 hour drive to our destination and the sun was setting right in front of us.
    I handed her my Chanel sunnies and next thing I knew she was asleep. Here's a photo I snapped flying down the highway at 70 mph! It was too good to not at least try and get though!

    Have I ever mentioend how in love I am w/ my little girl?:heart:
  2. Pretty cute with that sunnies ;)
  3. that's an absolutely precious photo -- truly a "kodak" moment! i hope you had a great getaway with your little fashionista-in-the-making!
  4. Oh my gosh, that is darling. This photo is a keeper Swanky! You are blessed to have such great kids.
  5. :cry: I'm SOOO blessed!
    Thank you!
  6. you are such a sweet mommy :heart: and she's adorable!
  7. look at her lips, they're all dragging from being out cold! LOL!
  8. Ah, poor pumpkin must have been really tired to fall asleep with all that stuff on...:heart:

    Amanda, I have a 5yo starting kindergarten next Tuesday - I'm excited and sad at the same time. She's the baby and I can't believe she's starting school.:crybaby:
  9. Oh yeah, forgot to mention her headphones falling down from watching a DVD! :lol:

    School starts Tues out there? Is it private?
    OMG, Kindergarten was SO hard on me:cry:
    She loved it, but then she cried on the last day of school. . . poor thing couldn't even get down the hallway from the weeping, had everyone stopping her to try and console her! LOL!

    K is such a HUGE milestone.

    I'm not sure I ever noticed you live in SD, we lived there for about a year, near UTC Mall/La Jolla.
  10. What a cutie!!!! Treasure moments like that!
  11. Oh, what a cute picture!! Thanks for sharing it!
  12. So sweet Swanky!!!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  13. AAaahh!! She's soo cute swanky!!!
  14. sooooo cute swanky, your DD is soooo adorable. And I have to say she rocks the sunnies!
  15. omg swanky! I'm SOO jealous!! i loveeee it down in and first chance I get, I'm definitely going to be moving down there.

    back on topic, your little girl is absolutely PRECIOUS!! how gorgeous is she?!