Something curious about the City Bag


Dec 4, 2019
I have noticed something odd about a City Bag I have. I have two, one with the NYC creed which I am guessing places its manufacture right around 1987, and a second with the made in the USA pre-94 creed and the xxxx-xxx SN pattern, which I am guessing means it was made around 1991. They are virtually identical except for the strap length. The later bag has a 44" strap, which is consistent with the catalog description from 1989 onward. However, the 1987 catalog does not specify a strap length and the strap on my circa '87 bag is about 42" - definitely shorter than the later bag. Has anyone else ever noticed this on the first-year City Bags? I was unable to find any discussion of this, I apologize if it has been discussed elsewhere. Thanks.