Something crocodile this way comes...

  1. A divine vintage porosus crocodile Hermes bag is on her way to me... :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Not a Kelly, or Birkin....what could it be ? :idea:
  2. Do tell! Do tell! and post pics!!!
  3. mmm...croc :biggrin: you have us curious!!! Croc bolide mayhaps? :biggrin:
  4. How exciting!!!! Do we need to get the popcorn out?
  5. croc constance with GH???????? if so....I WANT ONE TOOOOOOOOO!!! hehe
  6. Sac Mallette? Constance? Do tell do tell! this is exciting!
  7. Constance!
  8. i know, i know!!!!

    so when are you going to drag it out and show us? :p
  9. Sac Mallette!!!!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  10. i think you're all wrong. i cyber-lost my molars on some other bet last week, so i guess this time i have to bet my eye-teeth that it looks like this:

    never mind -- you guys keep guessing a little longer. (grin)
  11. It's a DALVY... hmmmm....
  12. ahem...I saw that...
  13. Is it a sac mallette.
  14. When?????
    :wlae: :wlae:
  15. Tuesday ! :wlae: