Something Classic for the New Year - Pics

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  1. Hope you have all had a good beginning to the NewYear. Hopefully this will be the year where all our LV dreams come true!

    Well, I decided to start my new year with something functional and classic. So I bought the Monogram Agenda Functionel PM. Here she is....

    agenda2.jpg agenda3.jpg agenda4.jpg
  2. Good choice... it's the perfect size and will fit into almost any handbag perfectly!
  3. Congrats!

    It looks wonderfully cute and handy!
  4. A new agenda is the perfect way to start the year!
  5. I love it, definitely a classic! Congrats!
  6. good choice! i never bought a agenda never thought id actually use it.
  7. ^^I never thought I needed one either. I've been buying LV for 18 years now and thought it was about time to get a nice agenda instead of the cheap supermarket ones. And now that I have it I am so happy. Hopefully it'll keep me more organized in 2008!
  8. what a nice agenda...good choice to start the new year off with this classic piece, CONGRATS!
  9. ive been thinking about an agenda
    its super useful . i forget everything
  10. Awesome!!!!! Congrats!!!
  11. congrats~~~~

  12. Congrats- I find my own agenda to be oh so useful!
  13. its sooo nice...congrats!
  14. congragulations. Excellent way to start a new year!
  15. very nice....congrats!