Something bright or something basic?

  1. Hey all,

    I've been saving for a while and I'm planning to get my first PS1 later this month. I wanted to know if any of you girls who have owned different PS1 bags would suggest to me the best color to get for the first one! I cannot decide if I should get a nice basic color, like brown or grey, or if I should get something more adventurous (since I'm spending so much anyway) like green or bright blue. Any feedback would be awesome! TIA~!
  2. I guess it depends what other color bags you already have. What goes with your wardrobe and what color makes you happy. I love color and bought this bag in blue/lavender . It is a unique shade that I love but I have a lot of black and brown already.
  3. Well, I already have two black AW bags, however I don't have a definite go to brown or grey back at the moment. I did a major bag purge of all my bags I bought during my early college years (mostly Minkoffs) and now I'm moving on to designer bags. So for color I just have yellow and fuschia 3.1 phillip lim bags. Feel like I would really love some green or blue, but I also know that having the basic colors is usually a good idea. I've also heard some of the more colorful PS1s have color loss over time.
  4. I love bright/bold colors and PS does them so well! BUT, I would say to keep in mind some of the fading and color shift issues that people are having with their PS1's which Proenza claims is 'normal' for their leathers.
  5. I have heard about the issues with the leather changing color and such. Would you say then that it's better not to get a full size bag in one of the bright leathers and instead get a smaller item like a wallet or pouch?
  6. Obviously, the 'safer' choice would be to get a basic color as you mentioned, but even then I am not sure as I know ppl have had issues with the Smoke, and Greens fading and changing colors. Some ppl don't seem to mind this shift, or patina per say...but others of course do. It's really so hard to say as it seems to vary on a case by case basis. I'd say to get the color that you love the most as long as you know up front that you may have these issues down the road and are okay with it.
  7. I just read a blog post by someone who owns a moss colored PS1...that turned brown! She also mentioned that this happens to the smoke color as well. As much as I like the smoke color, I think I will have to go with either brown or one of the blue or red colored PS1s. I guess the green bags also get the color change too (such a shame, as I loved the citrusy green color they do). I'll have to go to 3.1 Phillip Lim for my green bag fix then!
  8. I just got the military and it is a great "neutral"- I read about it and I believe the color really holds up :smile: it is adventurous and neutral at the same time-perfect!!
  9. I can only speak for the saddle color (brown). It's only gotten better with age. I like the richness of the leather over time.
  10. I'm curious if this would be the same with other brown colors (like birch). Have you had any issues with denim transfer at all?
  11. I also have the military color and agree, it's not brown or black but it is a different neutral. I haven't had mine for long so can't really say much about fading.

  12. Is it new/?!!! Must post with your fab DVF outfits! My husband just bought me a PS1 med in Smoke for our anniversary! Will pick ip up tomorrow!
  13. I have a bronze which I think is a beautiful neutral. Hasn't changed a bit in the bright sun of an NYC summer.
  14. My saddle is a great brown and I agree it's only gotten better and richer with age. I actually like the scratches and the marks on the bag that I've gotten from normal wear/tear!
  15. I have not had any denim transfer issues. It's really been a fantastic bag. I got it fall of 2010 and it's still my favorite.