Something better than MAC!

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  1. Crazy! But yes...I think I found eyeshadow that is better than MAC!

    My classmate wears ..alot of makeup and her eyeshadow always looked so PERFECT. Her color was always wet/dry looking. I finally got to asking her what brand she uses and she told me : " PHYSICIANS FORUMULA, from the drug store."

    :wtf: No way! So I went out and bought some and tried it and LOVED it. It's like " BAKED" and gives a wet/dry look and stays ALL day.

    The only bad thing is that they don't have a wide range of colors..but if you're into the neutral grays,beige's and some purples then they have it!

    It's also about $10 for 3 colors in the palette that they coordinate. Right now, if you go to Walgreens--it's 40% off.

    Go try it out. :tup:
  2. FYI- MAC is not the Grand Puba of make up. Personally I favor Vincent Longo diamond wet/dry shadows over MAC's. I've never tried Physicians Formula but I have tried a drugstore brand called Prestige that has GREAT shadows.
  3. LOVE MAC but I will have to check this out! Thanks :smile:
  4. I stopped wearing MAC a few years ago. I now love Stila eyeshadows, among other brands.
  5. I'll have to try it -- so is it the finshed way it looks you like better?
  6. I have one MAC eyeshadow that I love but can't wear. In fact, I can't wear eyeshadows due to my oily lids :crybaby:, otherwise I'd go running to find it.
  7. ooo im soo gonan try! is it pretty long lasting and densely pigmented too?
  8. I don't see what all the fuss is over MAC anyways!!
  9. I liked MAC when I was doing extra work. Doesn't look great in person but makes you look really nice on camera.

    Extras are all the people in the background in the tv shows and movies.
  10. Loyal MAC customer here, so i must defend. I have been wearing MAC for at least 7 years now and I absolutely adore it. I get compliments on how beautiful my skin and complexion is all the time. Most of the time people can't even tell that I'm wearing makeup at all. But of course that could be because I was blessed with good genes :rolleyes:
  11. I'm going to have to try this! I love finding deals and quality!
  12. We're not bashing it. We are just saying that it doesn't wear the crown anymore. I wear it also but I know it's not the best in certain areas.
  13. :angel:

    Why is it that newbies tend to be saying some rude things all the time?

    Anywho, to me, MAC is great also--but then...the shadows are pretty dry unless you wet your brush or what not. The Phsycians forumula was just a suggestion for those who are up for a bargain but yet still are getting a great product! :tup: The forumula goes on wet to dry looking and lasts longer or just as long as MAC.
  14. You could try to dust some loose powder on your lids before putting on shadow. ;)
  15. Dior palettes good too!