Something beautiful came from an undisclosed location today!

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  1. Well, girls!!!

    I got a package from an undisclosed location today! :yahoo:
    (And, no, it wasn't from Dick Cheney.)

    I think i'll do a short striptease....
    Just a little one!
  2. Come on! Take it off BABY!

    (congrats...but I want to see whats under all the tissue!)
  3. Oooo, I spy an orange box!!! C'mon, baby!!! Take it ALL OFF!!! LOL!!!
  4. Show....take it all off, We're starved.........and rather impatient. Take it all off now. Otherwise, I'll get Mr.Lau to make you do it!
  5. Just toss that tissue aside...let's get to the action!!!
  6. here we go again.....another striptease early in the morning..........
  7. LOL! Go ahead Eric! Maybe i'll get another little something! :graucho: lol

    OK, here we go!
    DSCF2998.jpg DSCF2999.jpg DSCF3000.jpg
  8. Oh please make it a fast striptease.
  9. I hate slow ones, so, here's 3 more! :yahoo:

    Here she is, lying on her bed....
    Look, she's waking up! :yes:

    And she's STRIPPED!!!
    DSCF3001.jpg DSCF3002.jpg DSCF3003.jpg
  10. Come on woman! Show us the ORANGE!
  11. OMG!!! Jen!!! She is GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  12. Arrgh. It's almost midnight here in Malaysia. And my next facial is in two weeks! Hurry up. I'll sue you for the dark eye rings....AND emotional damage. Quickly! Aiyoh.... kwai tien(Mandarin for 'Faster!").
  13. LOL LOOK, Eric! ^^^ You still have time to get to your appt! :yes:

  14. OH MY! How lovely! Congrats! Please give us details!
  15. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, jennifleur! it's STUNNING!

    would love to hear all the specs, but she's just fabulous!! congrats on finally getting your birkin :smile: