Something Aweful Happened to Agenda

  1. :crybaby: OMG Guys !!! You will not believe what just happened to me!

    As I even wrote on here just recently, I just bought a Mono Rose Agenda that I have not even hardly ever used bc I lOved it so much I didn't want to ruin it..I have kept it in the dustcover and have only took it out maybe 4 times since Nov. 06

    OK last nite I took her out bc I wanted to make sure I put the card from the LV assistant manager I met in there & keep it safe.

    Then this Morning I took her out again..and I swear the whole binder part of the agenda just fell right out of the leather:crybaby:!!!!!

    I can't even imagine how this could have happened!! I couldn't even tell where, how, it was supposed to have been in place...

    I was getting ready to go to the LV boutique with it when my dh asked what was the matter..he took it and came back upstairs several minutes later with her.
    somehow he fixed it! I know I should be happy but somehow i'm not..Bc i feel like its defective and I'm so mad this happened!:cursing: i don't want to happen again...

    My dh said it looked as though they never clamped the metal pieces from the leather cover to the binding now he did and he said it should stay:shame: I'm not happy about this though..I really want to know how in the world this could have happened

    I guess when I go by LV next time or i'll call 866 idk i'm so mad i can't think straight:hysteric:

    please check your agendas least this didn't happen in a public place and where the paper could have fallen to the floor and gotten ruined or lost:sweatdrop:
  2. Sorry about that! I hope that you'd fixed the problem already :yes:
  3. Eeek! I'm glad this didn't happen to you in a public place either!!! :sweatdrop:
  4. trust me, i know.
    it happened to me a month ago. instead of going back to the boutique and cussing everybody out, and probably never be getting my agenda back, i went home and used needle-nosed pliers and fixed it myself. i haven't had a problem since, but i do understand the frustration you feel.

  5. hmmm, I have heard of this problem before....keep forgetting to check mine.
  6. hmm. i dunno. i guess you will just have to be careful with the fixed one..?
  7. thanks so much for the heads up!!
  8. That's too bad. Seems like there are more and more problems with this EXPENSIVE brand. :confused1: I'm hoping they don't keep raising the prices, but not keeping quality first in mind! I hope your dh was able to fix it for good!
  9. OMG. I can't believe what happened to your agenda! Maybe I should take the agenda off of my wishlist. I hope everything works out well...
  10. I'm glad your DH could fix it for you, not that he should have to with the money we fork out for LV.
  11. i am glad ur BH is able to fix it on the spot, but how can we check to see if the metal pieces has been clamp to leather or not?
  12. aw, three cheers for your hubby! yay! sorry that happened. def ask about it next time you are in store!

    many happy more viewings!
  13. I am so sorry to hear that.. hope it works fine now! what a sweet hubby fixing that for you !!!
  14. :sad: Sorry to hear, I hope you get it looked after right away.

  15. Wow that's good to know. I have been using my GM monogram agenda for years now without problem but will definitely check my new PM often. Hope it's ok for you now, they really should have replaced it for you.