Something arrived today! My 2nd Bal item!!

Jul 4, 2007
Los Angeles, CA

Here's the flat clutch in Gris Tarmac with gold mini giant hardware!

The leather is thick and chewy! (Phew!) I was very worried since I checked out the 2012 F/W black leather in Neiman Marcus... those were really dry and paperthin!

By the way I got this during ******' sale! What a good deal! I was thinking about getting the Bleu Mineral one as the price was even better than Gris Tarmac, but I just don't seem to fall in love with Bleu Mineral. Guess I'm one of the weird ones :sweatdrop:



K 28 size reference
Mar 27, 2010
Great stuff!! Like them both very much.
You must be so very happy. I would be doing a little happy dance if I had just got these 2 cool Bals.
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