Something about the folded leather on this Miu Miu... is creepy!

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  1. LOL I couldn't help laughing at your comparison nanashimara! too funny... thanks for getting the image into my head... this is what i have to sleep to?

    but anyway, I've seen this IRL... other than basic colors, it also comes in light blue, pink, and yellow... the ones I saw actually looked pretty (but maybe because they weren't in brown - hence no wrinkled skin visual)... i tried them on but found that the shape made me look even shorter! eeek... i put that sucker back immediately and walked away.
  2. Yeah. I'm a total shorty at 5'2" and everything that makes me look shorter should be avoided. Good call! For something this expensive, it should not only do your dishes but make you look like you're statuesque, slender, and tall! :P

    Also, the 'V' shaped folds brought another image to mind first, but I think it's not appropriate for the boards... Heeeehee!

    I think it may be cute in the other colors you mentioned though!
  3. haha i don't know, it looks squishy and fabulous to me... like i'd wanna hug it (it looks big lol)
  4. LOL ITA! Thats hilarious!
  5. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop: I'm NOT the only one who's mind is oh so in the gutter lol!!! :Push:
  6. BAHAHAHAH! I just now saw what you are talking about! LFMAO!
  7. I saw one in green and loved it - it reminds me of a dried up river bed!
  8. ROTFLMAO I see "it" too! :nuts:
  9. ahhhahah that's too funny

    but it also reminds me of a raisin...
  10. Too Funny:roflmfao:~ But I actually love it! :yes: